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I have been involved with vizslas for the past 13 years which have been the best 13 years of my life.  I have been breeding since 2004.  I am located in the beautiful countryside of northern Virginia.   I love my dogs with passion and use that same passion in my breeding program


Why "Dee-Na-TA" and what does it mean??  Well, "dynata" is a greek word which according to the Greek dictionary means the following:  loud, mighty, nappy, nervy, possible, potent, potential, powerful, robust, strong, and vigorous.  When I try to put words around the vizsla, ALL of these words drive the point home for me.  Since a very special friend of mine, a native Greek, is responsible for introducing me to the breed it seemed the perfect fit for a kennel name (not to mention it was the actually the easiest word to try to pronounce - Greek words sure can be long and complicated!).


The dogs love to run on the rolling hills that we have at our home.  I owner handle in many venues including conformation, hunting (hunt tests, NAVHDA and field trials) agility, and obedience.  It is so wonderful how truly versatile the vizsla is - they enjoy just about everything.  And there is no better way to feel true peace unless you have your vizslas snuggled up all over you when it comes time to rest.

My vizsla family consists of my first vizsla Nouli -
CH. Starr-Point's Nouli JH OA AXJ; my first female Lexi - CH. Cameo's Bound and Determined SH CD NA NAJ VC ROM; her daughter Maddy - CH. Dynata's Bound to Know It All SH NAJ NAVHDA NA Prize II 99, and our latest Maddy daughter addition Katie - CH. Dynata's Bound to Have Known It All Along JH

I am very active now training all four dogs.  I am working with Nouli on his Excellent Agility titles after breezing through Novice and Open.  I am working with Lexi to become a polished Master Hunter after earning her Senior Hunter title in 2006 as well as continuing her on with her Open agility titles, I am working with Maddy on becoming a Master Hunter as well as see if we might do a few field trials, as well as continuing on with agility and obedience, Katie may do some agility, and Jackie will start her show career in 2010.


I am active in two local vizsla clubs as well as a member of the national club - the Vizsla Club of America (VCA).  I was the Vice President of the Conestoga Vizsla Club, and am now active in the Old Dominion Vizsla Club.  I was also the Chairman of the VCA 2005 National Gun Dog Championship.  I am currently a Committee Chair for the Vizsla Club of America.


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