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Mason Dixon German Shorthaired Pointer Club Hunt Test

March 18-19, 2006


Lexi passes her FIRST leg of her Senior Title on her maiden voyage 3/18/06!!!

What an amazing run!  Lexi put all the work we have been doing together for an almost flawless run!  Lexi earned the top score of the 14 Senior Dogs entered!!!  Sunday was very close to a pass, but we missed the pass because she forgot her name!  She must have changed it and forgot to tell me!  We will be trying again soon!  Special thank to Pat and Linda Alberti who followed us and took these pictures!

Breaking away!

Lexi finds a bird quickly on the backfield and points
nicely!  Then I flushed the bird and we moved on...

Yet ANOTHER bird in the backfield that Lexi
points from far away.  It took me a while to find
it but she stayed steady and I flushed the bird!
Off we go again...

Yet ANOTHER BIRD in the backfield!  How many
quail are out here!  Once again flush the bird.
Lexi is steady as a rock and makes me VERY proud
through all this bird work!

Yet one last point on a quail in the backfield.
This time the quail is in view!

Lexi honoring her brace mate now in the
bird field...

Now we are in the bird field and Lexi points
yet another quail.  I flush the bird and the
gunners MISS!  Off for another bird to

Lexi on point in the bird field again for her chukar
NICE RETRIEVE!  Fast out and back and straight to hand.  GO LEXI!!

How HAPPY are we coming out!! ...


and confirming our pass!!  Scores are:  Hunting: 9,  Bird Finding: 9, Pointing 9.5, Trainability: 9, Retreiving: 10, Honoring: 9.  We had the high score of the day out of 14 senior dogs!!!

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