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Northern Virginia Brittany Club Hunt Test, Seneca MD

October 15, 2006


Lexi passes her SECOND leg of her Senior Title!!

Very proud!  That is where I start this story.  Lexi was the only dog to qualify out of all the Master and Senior dogs this day.  She had a beautiful run!  She was challenged in the bird field when she was on point and her bracemate was asked to come in to back.  Her bracemate stole point on her bird, flushed it and then chased it and caught it.  Lexi stood STEADY through all of this - whatta girl!  I sent her on where she found another bird right away and had a very nice point.  This time it was her bird!  I flushed it (unfortunately it was a wet and feathery quail!) and the gunners hit it.  Lexi held steady and I sent her for the retrieve.  She went to get the bird and brought it back straight to hand.  We then hunted off by ourselves while our bracemate was set up for us to honor.  Lexi had a very nice back and we finished our run.  Lexi scored all 8's and 9's!!  WAY TO GO!!



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