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Wilderness Pointer Club Hunt Test, Columbia VA

November 11, 2006


Lexi passes her THIRD leg of her Senior Title!!

On a BEAUTIFUL November day, Lexi has a Senior run to match!!  She had a beautiful run with an awesome backfield find and an immediate find in the birdfield for her retrieve.  This retrieve was different from the others since there were 2 quail that were right next to each other.  I tried to flush one, which was successful only until the time the gunners got a shot - then the second one flew off in the opposite direction.  Lexi held very steady and retrieved the downed bird!  GOOD JOB LEXI!  She also had a beautiful back on her German Shorthaired bracemate.  I am so proud of my girl!  One more leg to go! 

Thank you judges Laurie McCarty and Tom Pettit!

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