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Bushkill NAVHDA Chapter, Reading PA
Natural Ability Test
September 23 and September 24, 2006


Maddy earns a Prize II and a score of 99 at her first NAVHDA Natural Ability Test!!!
Thank you judges Curtis Fry and Fred Strong

Maddy and I are brand new to NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) and only started training recently for their Natural Ability test once we had an idea of what we needed.  The cut off age for Natural Ability is 16 months.  Since we got a late start in joining NAVHDA, we didn't have much time to train and stay under the age cut off.  But, we figured we would give it a try and have some fun!

Maddy had a BLAST at her first NAVHDA event!!!  How many times do you get to hunt, swim and track in one day?  Maddy tested once each day since we hadn't been to a NAVHDA event before - we figured we would take 2 stabs at it.  Between the 2 days, Maddy had perfect scores in all categories except for the dreaded Tracking!

Maddy hunted like a fiend during the field portion, finding and pointing numerous birds.  She worked with a purpose and never let up in the 20 minute test period either day!  The fields were grown up to my waist.  Maddy disappeared many times, only to be found by watching the grass move around her!  The grass was soaking wet both days!  Conditions weren't ideal, but Maddy did a fantastic job!

Next was the swim.  Maddy had no problem heading into the pond twice to demonstrate that she could swim.  She went out after bumpers and came straight in.

Now comes the hardest part.  We had trained for tracking a bit, but weren't really sure what to expect.  The tracking test was set up in a HUGE corn field.  Well, Maddy enjoys hunting SO much that it was hard for her to focus on the tracking task. As soon as Maddy started tracking her pheasant, she couldn't help but lift up her head after a while and see the vast field.  Once that happened, she started to cover the entire field (hunt/track/hunt/track/hunt/track...)!!  She tracked the bird for the dog before us (next to us), and the bird for the dog before that, and the bird for the dog before that!  She eventually came back across the VERY large field and tracked her bird again into the woods where there was the loud noise of a pheasant being captured.  Out Maddy came from the woods with the pheasant in her mouth!  Maddy did a great job, but the judges wanted to see more tracking and less hunting on this task.  So, she scored an index of 2 which is only one index point away from what she needed for a Prize I.  Even with the 2 in tracking, she still had enough points for a Prize I with a 99, but she needed a 3 instead of a 2 for that honor.  A 3 is required for a Prize I. 

The judges commended Maddy on being a wonderful versatile dog and that she shows tremendous promise for the future.  I couldn't agree more!

I couldn't be MORE PROUD of Maddy for what an outstanding job she did both days!!!  I stood in awe watching her work.  She is a very special girl!  Saturday was the better day of the 2 earning her a Prize II.  We may go on to train for Utility.  We'll see how she likes it and take it from there!  In the meantime, her training will continue for AKC on the Hunt Test side for Senior Hunter.

WAY TO GO MADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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