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Vizsla Club of America National Specialty Show 2006
Dover, DE  -  October 17 - October 21, 2006


What a GREAT Nationals for the Dynata Vizsla Gang!!!

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Maddy first wins her Bred-By Class of 22!  When looking around the ring and seeing the quality bitches that were in with us, we are so very proud to have won this very prestigious class!!

Then to go on to win Reserve Winners Bitch was amazing!!  Thank you to Breeder Judge Sylvia Kerr for this wonderful honor!!


Sister Sydney places 2nd in her Open Class of 28, Owner Handled!!!

Shona and Sydney did a beautiful job showing!  This was Shona's first vizsla National.  And this was truly a class to remember.  Judge Kerr had Sydney placed first in the class on the final go round.  Then she decided to switch Sydney with the second place bitch at the last moment.  It was a heartbreaking moment, but placing second in this very competitive class was a wonderful accomplishment!  Great job Shona and Sydney!!  Thanks again to Breeder Judge Sylvia Kerr!


Sister Star places 2nd in Sweepstakes in her 15 - 18 Puppy Bitch class of 14!!!

Thank you to Diane Shearer for showing Star in Sweeps!  Star handled nicely for Diane and placed second among a very competitive puppy class!  Thank you to Judge Kelly Photopoulos!!


Maddy places 2nd in Agility Novice B Standard 20" class
and earns her first Novice Standard Leg!!

Maddy is new to agility competition.  She did an outstanding job with a clean run to earn her first standard leg and a second place!  If it weren't for the "encouragement" that she needed through the weave poles her time would have been faster!!  Good job Maddy!

Star places 2nd in Rally Novice A and earns her first leg in Rally!!

This was Star's very first Rally trial.  She has been working on obedience, but never competed in Rally before!  Elise and Star did a wonderful job in Rally and qualified for Star's first rally leg along with a second place!!
Great job!!!



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