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"Dee-Na-TA" Vizslas




Fredericksburg Kennel Club, Fredericksburg VA

September 30 - October 1, 2006


Lexi not only qualifies her very FIRST time in Standard and Jumpers,
but also BLUE DOUBLE Q's!!!

We head to Fredericksburg VA with low expectations since this is Lexi and Maddy's very first agility trial.  It is outdoors - which can be VERY difficult for hunting dogs!!  So off we go to "practice" and get ring experience.

WELL, doesn't Lexi just go and PERFORM!!  It was as if she had done it a thousand times! 

Her first run was on the Standard side.  She went through the course with ease.  Her only reluctance was through the chute - but in she went!  She manages to qualify AND take first place in her class!

Her second run was on the Jumper's side.  She takes off like a rocket and doesn't turn back!  She flies through the course without a single mistake, including flying through the weavepoles on the first attempt!  She finishes ELEVEN SECONDS under time and earns a very well deserved 1st place.  She was the only dog to qualify in her class.  And she had a CLEAN RUN!!!

The 2 blue ribbons were QUITE the accomplishment for Lexi; however, she wasn't done yet!  The following day (Sunday), Lexi does it again on the Jumper's side.  She was slightly more distracted which wasted a little bit of time, but she qualifies AGAIN and earns another "Q" and a 2nd placement.  WAY TO GO LEXI!!!

Honorable mention to Nouli and Maddy.  Nouli came SO close to qualifying on both sides.  But at his level there can't be any mistakes and we made one on each side.  But he was FAST and was having fun!  Maddy showed her age and had a BLAST on course!  She managed to point a bird on the Jumper's side - which was a crowd pleaser!  She did a great job despite being very distracted.  It was a very good first attempt!!

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