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Wilderness Pointer Club Hunt Test, Columbia VA

November 11, 2006


Sydney finishes her JH title with 3 in a row!!

Owner/handler Shona was a complete novice to pointing Hunt Tests.  She allowed her dog Sydney to show her the way and earned 3 straight passes after her first pass last spring.  CONGRATULATIONS to Shona and Sydney!!

11/11/06 - On a beautiful warm day, Sydney makes mom proud and earns the final leg of her Junior Hunter Title!!!  Sydney LOVES the birds!

11/5/06 - Now an expert, Shona handles Sydney for the second time and passes again with high scores!  Great job!  One more to go!

11/4/06 - Owner Shona handles for the very FIRST time in a Hunt Test and Sydney passes with beautiful scores!  Two legs down!!

3/19/06 - G'ma watches Sydney while mom goes out of town and enters her in a Hunt Test where she passed with flying colors!

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