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"Dee-Na-TA" Vizslas




Mason Dixon German Shorthaired Pointer Club Hunt Test

March 18-19, 2006


  • Viktor scores high marks on his 2 runs to pass his Junior Hunter Title in 4 tries!!!
  • Maddy runs for the first time and passes with ease for her first to legs!!
  • Sydney runs for the first time passes on Sunday for her first leg!!

    Special thanks to Jessica, Pat and Linda who walked behind us to take pictures!

Viktor hunting all over the field with speed
looking for birds!

Viktor and dad Pat working in the bird field

Viktor on point

PROUD mom and dad with Dynata's Bound
for Viktory JH on Sunday!
Proud g'ma was taking the picture!

Viktor taking a well deserved rest on his way
home on Sunday!!

Maddy on a very nice point!

Maddy on a very nice point again to earn
her a 9 on pointing!

Maddy with her proud mama
with her first pass

Maddy with her second pass.  Why was it
a good idea to throw the hat?

Sydney on a nice point!

and a second nice point!!

Sydney now with the bird.  "Sydney,
come to me with the bird!"  YEAH RIGHT!

Sydney with her first pass!!

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