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Dynata Vizslas Published...



August 2008, The AKC Gazette


Dynata Vizsla pictures were selected by the editor of the "AKC Gazette" to be published in the vizsla specialty issue - along with others.  See pictures below!  Very nice issue on the vizsla - you may want to go and buy one!



Top - Maddy as a baby on point

Top - Maddy as a baby with a soft mouth
and a bob white!

Top Left - NOULI!!  Nouli doing what he loves
better than anything in the world - JUMPING!

Bottom - Maddy as a baby returning from
retrieving a stick from across the
Susquehanna River!



March 16, 2008, The Canyon News


Tommy Garrett did a piece on us in the California paper, the "Canyon News."

Click on the thumbnail below to blow it up and read it.



March/April Issue of Gun Dog Magazine

Mazyie's owner Ross submitted a picture of her to the Editor

of "Gun Dog Magazine's" puppy issue, and was printed!


Click on the thumbnail below to blow it up and read it.



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