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Week 1 Gallery:  Hailey - Red Breeding 2017


Hailey was on a roll with 5 puppies born at home.  Then, #6 wasn't showing even though there were countless contractions.  Off to my favorite vet in the world (even though 2 hours away at 4 in the morning) for a C-section.

Happy to report that Hailey has 7 very healthy puppies - 4 boys and 3 girls!!!
All the puppies are doing fantastic.  They are gaining weight and are already up on their feet.  I will have more pictures and video next time.

Thank you to Amy Husband who came for a visit and helped take pictures!

Note:  this vet shaves the tails before cropping - that is why the tails look strange in some of these pictures :)

Pictures in order from newest to oldest:  from 1 week old to newborn
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