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Hailey - Rocco Breeding 2018

"Hailey" - DC AFC Dynata's Bound To Be Shooting For It All
was bred to
"Rocco" - CH Grousebend's Blazes Of Glory SH

Ultrasound has confirmed pregnancy - 2/19/18! 
Puppies are due around March 22, 2018

About this breeding...  the goal with any of my breeding's is to first and foremost have puppies that are healthy, have wonderful temperaments, and love being the heart of any family. 

As far as being a performance breeding, Hailey and Rocco are both very driven bird dogs.  They both possess form and function with great field ability along with conformation.  I would expect their puppies to be smart, along with an attitude to do anything that they are asked to do.  Whether the interest is field, show, agility, obedience or other venues, these puppies should be able to do them all - with gusto! 

"Rocco" "Hailey"
CH Grousebend's Blazes Of Glory SH DC AFC Dynata's Bound To Be Shooting For It All
(click on her name to go to her page)

Field highlights:

 Rocco is a nice ranging field trial dog with speed and intelligence.  He reminds Rocco's daddy's breeder a lot of Rocco's father Billy.  Billy had amazing speed and independence, while at the same time was extremely biddale and easy to handle.  Rocco definitely is his father's son.

 Rocco was trialed as a young dog and has juvenile points towards both his Open and Amateur Field Champion titles.  He was also ranked #4 in the national VCA Top Ten in puppy/derby points.  His human mom took him to hunt tests to sharpen up his retrieve and work on manners and Rocco was easily rewarded with a Senior Hunter title.  He is currently running as a gun dog in field trials.

Rocco's human mom and dad are avid hunters.  Rocco enjoys the vacation trips to go hunting and they are all commonly rewarded with game birds to take home.

Show highlights:

Rocco was shown to his Championship by his mom.  His pedigree is one that includes several Dual Champions.  One of Rocco's major wins was being awarded Winners Dog at the Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland's Specialty under a Hungarian judge.  He also competed at the Vizsla Club of America's National Specialty in 2015 and was placed 3rd in the Field Trial Dog class.  He has not been active in shows since.


Registration and Health:

DOB:  July 4, 2012
OFA Hips:  VZ-13678G24M-VPI   - Good
OFA Elbows:  VZ-EL1955M24-VPI - Normal
OFA Cardiac:  VZ-CA502/24M/C-VPI   - Normal
OFA Eyes:  VZ-EYE218/24M-VPI  - Normal
OFA Thyroid:  VZ-TH1000/29M-VPI
CHIC #:  102669

DNA:  V690237

Breeder:  Diane Fazio, Grousebend Vizslas
Owner:  Diane and Bill Fazio

For more on these health organizations click on the Resources Page

About Rocco: Rocco is a substantial boy.  He has very nice substance and bone.  At the same time he exemplifies the sweet male temperament.  He is hard charging in the field and an absolute lover in the house.  He hasn't met anything or anyone that he doesn't like.  Smart with nice pattern and drive, he is an incredible bird dog.

He is the heart of the home and is loved beyond words!!!


Offspring (get):
Rocco has been bred 5 times now.  His kids are in competition, hunting and family companion homes.  Rocco's son Nico has field trial puppy/derby points and is one major away from his conformation Championship - along with several others. 

Field highlights:

Hailey lives to run in the field.  She has incredible drive and range but does not run to hear wind blow through her ears.  Her pattern is smart, making many casts which result in finding her standing on point on a limb find.  She runs big, but is always hunting.  She is also extremely biddable - she handles with great ease.  She makes is fun to be an amateur-owner handler!

Hailey has had a wonderful 2017!  Awaiting official word, but she should be named the Vizsla Club of America's National Amateur Gun Dog of the Year!!!  She is also ranked nationally as the #5 Open Gun Dog.  She is also half way towards her Grand Field Champion (1 hour stakes) title winning a large all breed stake.

As a young dog, Hailey easily earned all 4 of her AKC juvenile points towards both of her Open and Amateur Field Championships.  Hailey comes from a nice line of field and conformation lines.  Her father Cutter is a multiple National Open and Amateur dog of the year as well as other state titles.  He also finished his conformation show title and was also awarded the first Vizsla Club of America's Best in Review recognizing dual quality excellence.

 Hailey's mother Maddy earned both her field championships very late in her career.  She did not start field trialing until 8 years old and finished both titles in 18 months.  She also had success in the national show specialty - RWB from the bred-by class in 2006 and Select Bitch in 2012.  She was also a Master Hunter and had agility titles - she would have done anything I asked, just like her daughter!!

Show highlights:

Hailey is a product of a pedigree that combines form and function.  There are 7 of 8 consecutive generations of Dual Champions behind her.  I showed Hailey from the Bred-By Class - and she is a Bred-By Champion.  She finished easily by 20 months old.  She finished with 3 majors - the last, a vizsla club supported entry.  Without trying, she earned half way to her Grand Championship during that period.  Hailey also competed at the Vizsla Club of America's National Specialty in 2015 and placed 2nd in the Field Trial Bitch class and in 2012 placed 2nd in Puppy Sweepstakes.  We have not been active at dog shows since.  Maybe one day in the future.

Registration and Health:

DOB:  October 12, 2011
OFA Hips:  VZ-13379E26F-VPI - Excellent
OFA Cardiac:  VZ-CA405/19F/C-VPI - Normal
OFA Eyes:  VZ-EYE50/19F-VPI - Normal
OFA Thyroid:  VZ-TH1356/65F-PI
CHIC#:  120335
DNA:  V659474
VCA QOL#:  768

Breeder:  Laurie Fairchild, Dynata Vizslas
Owner:  Laurie Fairchild

For more on these health organizations click on the
Resources Page

About Hailey:  It is hard to know where to start.  Hailey was born mature.  She was never a silly puppy.  All business.  She is also highly intelligent.  You can see through her eyes that she is always thinking.  She is an easy keeper as she adapts to life around her very easily.  She is an incredible bird dog - great pattern, great range, great nose, smart.  At the same time, she is conformationally beautiful.  She has nice bone and substance, moves like the wind, and is very nicely balanced.  On the home front, she loves to snuggle on the couch when it is time to relax.  Words cannot describe how special she is!

Offspring (get):
Hailey has had two prior litters.  There are several in competition homes and are showing great potential!  While two of the girls from her first litter were running field trials to gain experience on new grounds, they were ranked #1 and #4 in the national VCA Top Ten in puppy/derby points.  Others from that litter are making fantastic hunting dogs and all are making wonderful family members.  Her second litter is very young, but also showing great promise.  Too young for competition, they are all out having fun and learning!


The pictures below are just an assortment of photos for a photo album for both Rocco and Hailey.  Hope you enjoy them!

"Rocco" "Hailey"

With loving homes being equal, performance homes are preferred.  If you are interested in a puppy out of this litter, please click on the link below to open the Word file containing our Puppy Questionnaire.  Please fill it out and save it to your own file and e-mail back to me at: laurie@dynatavizslas.com.  Please also feel free to ask any questions.  My hours are very limited due to my hectic schedule.  E-mail will always be faster than phone.

Puppy Questionnaire
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