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Kelsey - Pete Breeding 2016

"Kelsey" - Dynata's Bound To Spark a Fire
was bred to
"Pistol Pete" - FC 2x RU CH Tibercreeks Billy The Kid

We are very happy and excited to announce that Kelsey
and Pete
had 9 beautiful puppies on May 24, 2016!!!  6 boys and 3 girls!!!

About this breeding...  the goal with any of my breeding's is to first and foremost have puppies that are healthy, have wonderful temperaments, and love being the heart of any family. 

As far as being a performance breeding, Kelsey and Pete are both very driven bird dogs.  They both possess form and function with great field ability along with conformation.  I would expect their puppies to be smart, along with an attitude to do anything that they are asked to do.  Whether the interest is field, show, agility, obedience or other venues, these puppies should be able to do them all - with gusto! 

Week 1 Puppy Photo Gallery
Weeks 2 and 3 Puppy Photo Gallery
Week 4 Puppy Photo Gallery
Week 5 Puppy Photo Gallery
Week 6 Puppy Photo Gallery

"Pistol Pete" "Kelsey"
FC 2x RU CH Tibercreeks Billy The Kid Dynata's Bound To Spark a Fire

Field highlights:

Pete comes from a long line of outstanding bird dogs.  He has incredible drive for the field and has earned impressive wins and accomplishments at his young age.  Pete has won Runner Up Champion two consecutive years in a row at the Eastern Shooting Dog Championship American Field stake sponsored by the NVA (National Vizsla Association).  He has also earned his AKC Field Championship by winning very large stakes, which has rewarded him with a rank of #2 in the country.  He is also very close to his Amateur Field Championship, just a few points away! 

 Pete is a solid gun dog.  Polished, with a very forward and smart ground game and very good nose.  There are not enough words to describe his field ability - just amazing!

Show highlights:

Pete was never shown by Mark.  Not because he wouldn't be able to finish his conformation title, but because Mark wasn't interested in taking that path.  Pete has very nice conformation!

Registration and Health:

DOB:  April 1, 2010
OFA Hips:  VZ-13385G44M-VPI  - Good
DNA:  V738641

Breeder:  Mark Calder, Tibercreek Vizslas
Owner:  Mark Calder

For more on these health organizations click on the Resources Page

About Pete: 

Pete's temperament takes the typical "in love with you" male vizsla to the max!!  He is incredibly gentle and kind and loves to snuggle.  It is hard to believe this laid back dog in the house runs with so much excitement in the field!  But, he does...  AMAZING!!! 

Pete is medium sized in build.  Approximately 23 inches to the shoulder and weights about 55 pounds.

Pete has been used at stud one time prior.  He had a litter of very nice puppies! 

Field highlights:

Kelsey is FULL of life.  And, she is absolutely bird CRAZY As a young dog, Kelsey easily earned all 4 of her AKC juvenile points on both the Amateur and Open sides towards her Field Championships.  Her intensity on birds has meant a challenging process to become a steady gun dog.  She cannot bear to see the bird fly away without her!  However, she has begun to mature now, and motherhood should also aid her with more patience and maturity - at least we are hoping so!  She has wonderful promise for the future!!!

Show highlights:

Kelsey will begin to be shown at some point in the near future.  She has beautiful conformation and movement.  We will hit the ring as time allows.

Registration and Health:

DOB:  December 25, 2012
OFA Hips:  VZ-13990E27F-VPI - Excellent
OFA Tyroid:  VZ-TH1161/37F-VPI  - Normal

Breeder:  Laurie Fairchild, Dynata Vizslas
Owner:  Laurie Fairchild

For more on these health organizations click on the
Resources Page

About Kelsey: 

Kelsey is an energetic, smart and persistant girl.  She makes me laugh every day with what she will do next.  She loves to climb and has excellent balance.  I should have known when she was a puppy and climbed the wire mesh fence to get on top of the pigeon pen, that she would indeed be very special!  In the field, she has amazing ground speed and an incredible nose.    On the home side, she is all vizsla - affectionate and velcro all the way.  She loves to snuggle in on top of you!  Love this crazy and entertaining girl!!!

Kelsey is on the shorter side of the breed standard at approximately 21 inches at the shoulder and weighs about 40 pounds.  But don't let that fool you.  She is built like a brick and is a tremendously strong and powerful athlete!

This litter is her first, we very excited to welcome her little ones!!!


The pictures below are just a random assortment of photos for a photo album for both Pete and Kelsey.   Hope you enjoy them!

                             "Pistol Pete"                              "Kelsey"

With loving homes being equal, performance homes are preferred.  If you are interested in a puppy out of this litter, please click on the link below to open the Word file containing our Puppy Questionnaire.  Please fill it out and save it to your own file and e-mail back to me at: laurie@dynatavizslas.com.  Please also feel free to ask any questions.  My hours are very limited due to my hectic schedule.  E-mail will always be faster than phone.

Puppy Questionnaire
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