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Weeks 2 and 3 Gallery:  Kelsey - Pistol Pete Breeding 2016


It is truly amazing how fast puppies grow!  Eyes were open at about 2 weeks and they were up and around on their feet at about the same time.  At 3 weeks, they are becoming more interactive.  The potty tray went in for them to get familiar, and they started using it right away.  Not everyone is 100% aboard, but in time, they will all use it.  In a few days, the pine pellets will be added to get them transitioned and the potty area will be good to go!  Collars are starting to fray - those will be replaced soon.  They are eating like piranhas!  Kelsey is getting attacked each time she enters the box.  One more week to go and they will be in their new digs and weaned.  They will be bursting out of the box by then - hang in there Kelsey girl!!! 

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