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Pictures of the Month:


  Nouli hasn't missed a beat -
          He can still jump!!  


   Lexi likes the pudding...


  I don't know WHERE Gunnar
  could have learned this skill?


              Katie either!



"Lexi" - "Bud" Litter


"Lexi" - Ch. Cameo's Bound and Determined SH CD NA NAJ VC ROM was bred to

"Bud" - BIS 10xBISS AM CAN CH Bowcot Pekogait One Man Band MH AX AXJ ROM


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To view Lexi's Diary during her pregnancy, click here





Lexi has been bred to Bud...





BIS 10xBISS AM CAN CH Bowcot Pekogait
One Man Band MH AX AXJ ROM

CH Cameo's Bound and Determined



Show highlights:

  • Best in Show Winner
  • Ten time Best in Specialty Show Winner
  • American and Canadian Champion (and Canadian National Specialty Winner)
  • #1 Show Vizsla 2001 and 2002
  • 4th Generation Best in Show Winner
  • 4th Generation #1 ranked Vizsla
  • Top 20 Sporting Dog
  • 2 time Westminster Best of Breed Winner
  • First vizsla to have a Best in Show Win and Master Hunter Title

Field highlights:

  • Bud has his Master Hunter title and has a passion for hunting game.  He earned his MH at 22 months old after breezing through straight passes in Junior and Senior Hunter.  He finished his SH at 17 months and waited until the following season to get his MH.  Bud also has 2 field trial placements as well.

Agility highlights:

  • Bud has both of his Open Titles - both Standard and Jumpers with Weaves.  He is currently competing in the Excellent classes.


  • OFA Hips:  VZ6812G24M-T (Good)
  • OFA Elbows:  VZ-EL141T (Normal)
  • AKC DNA#:  60428
  • Thyroid:  VZ-TH82/72M-PI (Normal)
  • CERF:VZ-529 (Normal)
  • CHIC#: 27049
    For more on these health organizations click on the Resources Page

Owners:  Kim and Saul Himmerfard, Pekogait Vizslas

Breeder:  Robert Shapiro


Bud stands at 23 1/4 inches tall.

Bud has a lovely temperament.  He is extremely sweet and affectionate, and very outgoing. He just plain loves to do "everything." He is enthusiastic about everything in life. (Well, ok, so he's not really excited about getting his toe nails clipped, but, other than that, there isn't much that he doesn't like, and he does cooperate for that!).  His tail never stops wagging and he loves everyone he meets.  Bud is a hunting fool.  He has a passion for the field.  He is adored by his owners Kim and Saul Himmelfarb.

Offspring (get):

  • Bud has received his Registry of Merit for his recognition of being an outstanding sire

  • To date he has produced 14 Champions, 1 Master Hunter and 2 Junior Hunters.

  • The list grows with time...


Show highlights:
  • Lexi finished her show championship at 16 months old beginner-owner-handled with 4 majors including a 5 point Best of Breed win over Specials:
    • Winner's Bitch 6-9 puppy class major win at 6 months and a day old - 3 points
    • Winner's Bitch 6-9 puppy class major win - 3 points
    • Best of Breed/Best of Winners 5 point major over Specials - 5 points
    • Best of Winners major win - 4 points
    • Lexi has placed Reserve Winner's bitch as a puppy at 3 Vizsla Specialties
    • Lexi won her 9-12 month puppy class at the 2003 Nationals.
  • As a Special, she had several Best of Breed wins.

Field highlights:

  • Lexi completed her Junior Hunter title with ease and is currently working on her Senior Hunter Title.  She has completed her first leg and we continue on with hopes of finishing her Master Title.  Lexi also has 4 field trial placements.

Agility highlights:

  • Lexi is fast around the agility ring.  She will compete in agility as soon as we finish up a little fine tuning.


  • OFA Hips:  VZ-9018G24F-PI (Good)
  • OFA Elbows:  VZ-EL431F24-PI (Normal)
  • AKC DNA#:  V323542
  • Thyroid (MSU):  VZ-TH145/36F-PI (Normal)
  • CERF: VZ-580 (Normal)
  • CHIC#: 30185
    For more on these health organizations click on the Resources Page


Lexi stands at approximately 21 3/4 - 22 inches tall (she has not yet been officially measured).

Lexi has a wonderful temperament.  She was named Bound and Determined because of her enthusiasm that she exhibits with everything she does.  She is loving and adoring, and at the same time can work and hunt like a fiend.  She is a very special vizsla, and adored by her owner and family. 

Lexi will go along with whatever I ask her to do.  However, her fire is really lit when she hunts.  She has a stronger desire for the field than any of the other activities we do together.  She recently picked up her agility training a notch and has a tremendous amount of speed around the course.  More to come...

Offspring (get):

  • Lexi had her first litter in June of 2005.  The puppies are all doing well.  2 of them are pointed in the show ring, 2 of them have their Junior Hunter titles, 2 are training for their CD's in obedience, 1 is training for Canine Good Citizen, and 3 are in agility training.






Picture pedigree for:
BIS 10x BISS AM CAN CH Bowcot Pekogait
One Man Band MH AX AXJ ROM
I am trying to find the missing pictures.  Click on a picture
for a larger view.

Picture pedigree for:
CH Cameo's Bound and Determined SH CD NA NAJ VC ROM

I am trying to find the missing pictures.  Click on a picture
for a larger view.

CH Penlee's Leader of the Band JH OA OAJ ROM

CH Penlee's Cutter UD ROM HOF

CH. Dirigo's Gambler's Marker


CH Szizlin's Hold
Yer Fire

CH Dirigo Tailor-Made CDX JH MX AXJ NAP NJP

Dirigo Samui

CH Firebrand's Constant Comment ROM HOF


Dirigo Maharesred

CH Penlee's Constant Chaos ROM
" "

CH Lyons' Brewster of Harann UD ROM


CH Szizlin's Ain't She Mesmeriz'n JH ROM

DC AFC Riverbend Deacon's Dandy CD VC ROM

CH Penlee's Toastie Crumpet

CH Heelmarks Aint She Command'n JH ROM

CH Bowcot Annie Oakley
" "



CH Bowcot Billy
" "

DC Pleasant Run Gunner
" "

Legacy's Sunrise Serenade

Russet Leather


CH Russet Leather Son
of Sutiao

CH Bowcot Brandtini
" "

Russet Leather Red Feather CD

CH Bowcot Ivy of Harann
" "

CH Kahala Harann's Copper Chuck
" "

Legacy's Endless

CH Emerald Legacy's Prime Time SH ROM

CH Harann's Jazminka
" "

CH Sagi's Starburst Carina JH

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