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Lexi's Diary



Lexi's Diary for her breeding with Danny


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6 Puppies Arrive June 20, 2005!  2 Boys and 4 Girls!!!



August 19, 2005

Nikki is going home today.  That is the yellow collar girl.  So it will be the 4 of us (Nouli, Lexi, Maddy and me) this afternoon.  All the puppies are settling in nicely with their new family's.  After a couple of sleepless nights, everyone seems to be doing well.  I have created separate pages for each of the puppies so we can watch them grow up!!!  I will miss them all - they have been the BEST batch of wonderful babies!!!


August 15, 2005

It is hard to believe that 4 puppies have gone to their new homes already.  I get to hold on to my yellow girl (while their owner's finish up on their vacation) and my Maddy (pink girl).  The growth of the puppies since my last post is just incredible.  They found the agility tunnel out back and I just cannot believe how much they love running through it!  A REAL 15 foot tunnel.  So many adventures I cannot even begin to describe them all.  I am proud of all of them.  They are so incredibly smart and full of life.  I will be making separate pages for each of them as time goes on.  The transitions of going to new homes has been going well.  Everyone is getting settled in.  My yellow girl will be going home soon and I just don't know what I am going to do with only the one puppy.  It is so bittersweet.  I have so loved to watch them together and grow and develop but am so happy to see them thrive with their new family's.  Well, I will ALWAYS be granma - so if what they say about granma's is true - I will get all the benefit of spending time with them without all the work!!


August 4, 2005

We had our "field" trip today.  We woke up at 5am to get ready to head down to Orange VA while the weather would be cooler.  If you were outside at all today you will know that no matter what time it was it was HOT.  The puppies had a great day exploring new territory.  They also spend a lot of time beached out in the grass in the shade.  The experience was great for them and they really had a lot of fun.  It would have been better had the temperature not been 100 degrees, but we go with the hand that was dealt us!!  The puppies all had a great nap when we got home and had a BIG play in their "arena"  before heading to sleep. 


August 3, 2005

Fun continues for the bunch.  New toys and obstacles for them inside and outside.  They are getting VERY playful and are sleeping a lot less these days!!  They all have had their toenails "dremmeled" and took the activity in stride.  The biggest problem was sitting still for the 30 seconds it took to grind them!!  They also had their condo upgraded again.  They graduated from a 400 crate to a 500 crate.  They are all about 8 to 9 pounds.  Field trip tomorrow!!  More details to come...


July 29, 2005

The puppy shuffle has officially begun.  The puppies race out of their inside condo, out the door, down the stairs, across the deck, down more stairs and into the outside arena.  They play and play and play until they can't stand up any longer.  They like the pool, their toys, and they now have a branch to play with.  Then they puppy shuffle back into their indoor condo.  They have been eating dry food for several days now.  They enjoy the crunch!  Puppies will be stylin' in their new clothes (collars) later today.  The rick-rack has become a nice pull toy for each puppy, so they keep coming off.  They will be getting baby dog collars that they will wear until they get their go-home collars.


July 22, 2005

The GREAT outdoors.  Even though playtime was very brief due to the heat, all the puppies got to explore their new "arena" out back.  They all had a great time running around exploring the new smells.  It didn't take long before they figured out that the grass felt really nice and cool on their belly!  The pool is coming soon...


July 20, 2005

More of the same to report.  Puppies are eating well.  Lots of playing with toys, and better yet with each other.  Their "condo" has been upgraded to larger digs.  Next big event for them will be going outside to play.  Stay tuned!


July 17, 2005

Puppies continue to grow and expand their horizons.  They are happy in their new "home."  They are eating and drinking well.  They are getting too big for the first crate I put in the pen, so they will be getting an upgraded condo.  Their teeth are in and sharp!  Mom has been successfully weaned and is starting to "shrink" back to her old self - it will take a while, but the process has begun.


July 14, 2005

After observing the crew yesterday I could not bear to leave them in the small whelp box another day.  SO, today was moving day!  The puppies now have room to run around - and run around they did!  They also had their first opportunity to drink out of a water bowl - and drink they did!  They also tipped over both bowls during playtime, but that was just part of the fun.  New adventures are for certain!


July 13, 2005

Wow what a difference a few days make!  The puppies are all eating out of a bowl for their meals!  They had their best meal for dinner tonight - I had to give them seconds!  They are getting much more interactive and are getting quite sprite on their feet.  The whelp box configuration has changed.  I am keeping a small crate in the box where they will sleep and "hang" when they want.  There will be a small rug for them to rest on and the rest of the box is paper.  In the next couple of days I will be taking the whelp box apart.  The crate will move into their new larger digs!!  Lexi has been a GREAT mom and can thankfully get some rest and soon get her "other" life back!

July 11, 2005

What a busy day!  The puppies got up for a good amount of playtime today.  That was followed up by a lunch to be remembered!  The puppies had their first meal away from mom.  They did VERY well for their first time.  Everyone had a nibble, not to mention a bath in it!


July 10, 2005

Almost three weeks old now.  All puppies eyes are open wide.  Everyone can now hear.  Teeth are starting to break through the gums.  Had to block off the door to the box since we almost had a couple of escapees!  Puppies are not awake a lot, but when they are they are full of life!  They have started to engage each other and play.  They enjoy teething on each other's heads.  They also enjoy barking at each other and wrestling.  They will try to eat their first non-mom meal this coming week.


July 5, 2005

A few days have gone by.  All the puppies eyes are either wide open or cracked open.  They are truly adorable!  They are all continuing to gain weight steadily.


July 01, 2005
All puppies are up on their legs.  Steps are greatest challenge these days!  Drunkin little sailor's they are!!  A few eyes are starting to crack to see those beautiful baby blue eyes.


June 29, 2005

Puppies are growing and growing!  They are also getting up and taking a few drunken steps! 


June 27, 2005

Same as the last report!  Not much going on these days except eating, growing and sleeping!  All puppies are doing well!


June 25, 2005

Everyone continues to grow like a weed.  I suspect that they will all have doubled in weight since birth when I weigh them tonight.  Lexi continues to hang in there.  She has been used as a nonstop all-you-can-eat buffet 24 x 7.  She is quite the mom!


June 24, 2005

Tails docked and dewclaws removed last night.  All puppies are doing well.  Lexi is feeling much more like herself now that she has had a little time to recuperate from Monday.  Picture in the puppy gallery!


June 23, 2005

Puppies are eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating.....

All are doing well and are gaining weight.  Mom is doing fine as well.  She has lost the majority of the weight she gained during pregnancy.  Now she just looks like a low hanging milk factory!


June 21, 2005

Puppies are doing well.  A very lively bunch!  Puppies gained about 2 ounces their first day.


June 20, 2005

6 puppies are here! 


A special thank you to my friend Diane Shearer who was my mid-wife during the entire event!!


Puppy #1 - The first boy took quite a while to be delivered.  Lexi labored almost 3 hours to get him out into the world.  His presentation was feet first and slightly twisted, so she really "labored" to get him out - but out he came!  He was 14.1 ounces - not a small package to pass!


Puppy #2 - The second boy came out 30 minutes after the first.  He was 11.5 ounces and a pleasure to deliver after the first!


Puppy #3 - WHERE ARE THE GIRLS?  Well, puppy #3 was a healthy girl - feet first - at 13.5 ounces.  Smooth sailing from here.


Puppy #4 - Another girl!  Feet first, at 13.9 ounces.


Puppy #5 - Another girl!  Head first - 13.3 ounces.


Last but certainly not least - in a hurry to arrive three minutes after Puppy #5, Puppy #6, a healthy sized girl at 14.9 ounces came leaping out head first.  We FOUND the girls!!




Update:  Lexi continues down the path towards delivery.  The weekend began with slight discomfort which has been getting more intense as the days have gone by.  Stay tuned, puppies are coming soon...



June 17, 2005


Getting closer!  It is hard to stand upright with all that weight!












Even feeling so fat Lexi still enjoys the scent
of the upwind breeze!









June 13, 2005


Phew, one more week to go!  I am tired of lugging this body around!  I guess it could be worse, but I am really ready for this load to be lightened!!



June 10, 2005


Looks like SIX babies!!  The x-ray showed six homogeneous wonderfully formed puppies!  The reading of the ultrasound was not accurate (which is why it isn't used for this purpose!).  The puppies look as they should for this time in Lexi's pregnancy.  Their heads and spines and rib cages were all there including tiny little limbs.  It is a site to behold!!


About another week and we will all see them for real!!


June 7, 2005

Entering week 8.  Lexi continues to grow and is thankful that there are only 2 more weeks left!  Here are a couple of pictures taken this past weekend.






May 30, 2005

Entering week 7.  Pictures of Lexi from this weekend.  Lighting was bad since it was late in the day.  I will try to take more soon to replace these.  Her comments about her condition below:



Oh, how my waist keeps getting larger and LARGER.  My tuck is gone and I seem to be growing in every direction.  Only a sign of things to come!  I don't want to see any pictures of my cousins - mom told me I will be getting REALLY BIG!  I can't seem to get a real big flashy smile these days - I just like to sleep a lot!


May 26, 2005
A posting from an ever growing Lexi to let everyone know that she is doing fine.  She is sleeping quite a bit getting ready for the "big day!"  We will try to take some pictures this upcoming weekend.

May 16, 2005 (Day 28 from "breeding")


Ultrasound confirms that Lexi is indeed pregnant!!!  


The ultrasound had Lexi laying upside down on a table in a padded contraption that was in the shape of a V.  The best part was her tail wagging while hitting either side of the padded V contraption making a drum beating noise that kept everyone in the room laughing.  She is a trooper, and not even laying upside down with her belly getting shaved and having her back legs held can get her down.  The people is the room couldn't believe how happy she was under the circumstances!! 


The doctor believes that she sees 8 puppies.  However ultrasound is not the tool to use for this purpose and the count is purely preliminary.  The ultrasound was used to confirm that she is pregnant and to see the welfare of the puppies.  I am happy to report that all puppies are doing well.  Their heartbeats are all great and they are moving around in their little world as they should.  We will know the exact number of puppies on June 7 when we do an x-ray in preparation for whelp.


Below are the images of "puppy #1."  The picture on the left shows the tiny little baby inside the amniotic sac.  The thickened white line under the puppy is the placenta which the puppy uses in the womb to grow and stay alive.  The picture on the right is also "puppy #1" but in this view the ultrasound took a measurement (you can barely see the dotted line in the picture on top that translates to the image on the bottom) that is used to calculate the baby's heart rate.  In this puppy, the heart rate is 224 bpm which is normal.  The puppies are 28 days old to this point!!


There were MANY of these images in Lexi's belly!!!  She will be pampered big time (what would be different!) as she continues to grow and take care of this belly full of babies!!




May 4 and May 6, 2005 (Days 16 and 18 from "breeding")
Lexi experiencing the unpleasant side effect of 4pm sickness.  Thankfully it was just those two days - once - at 4pm.


Now that Lexi has been bred, the counting restarts.  I am counting days from fertilization but will refer to this time as "breeding" since it is easier!


April 22, 2005 (Day 18 cycle)

Lexi and Danny bred in the morning and tied for 25 minutes.  Off we went to drive home!  We are hopeful that Lexi will now become pregnant!!


April 21, 2005 (Day 17 cycle)

Blood word cam back and showed her progesterone level at 5.9.  Lexi has indeed ovulated.


April 20, 2005 (Day 16 cycle)

Lexi and Danny bred in the morning and tied for 15 minutes.  Lexi had another blood test drawn to make sure she hit above 5 and ovulated.


April 19, 2005 (Day 15 cycle)

Blood work came back and showed her progesterone to be at 3.7.  We are getting closer!  Lexi will be bred on April 20 and April 22 to try to catch her at the ovulation and fertilization days.


April 18, 2005 (Day 14 cycle)

Stopped off on our way to get another blood test.  Lexi and Danny met and hit it off right away.  They bred and tied for 20 minutes.  We might be early but the dogs thought it was time!


April 17, 2005 (Day 13 cycle)

Blood work came back and showed her progesterone to be at 1.5.  Still not ready to breed but Lexi is beginning to flag.  We head up to Cape Cod to visit Danny.


April 16, 2006 (Day 12 cycle)

Went for another blood sample.


April 15, 2005 (Day 11 cycle)

Blood work came back and showed her progesterone to be at 1.0.  Still not ready to breed. 


April 14, 2005 (Day 10 cycle)

Went for another blood sample.


April 13, 2005 (Day 9 cycle)

Blood work came back and showed her progesterone to be at .4.  Still not ready to breed. 


April 12, 2005 (Day 8 cycle)
Went for another set of tests.  Vaginal smear showed cells to be 90% cornified.  We will wait for the blood work to come back to show her progesterone level.


April 9, 2005 (Day 5 cycle)

Received blood work from the lab.  Progesterone test shows a level of .2.  That confirms what the slide showed on April 8.  The progesterone level will be over 5 when ovulation is going to occur.


April 8, 2005 (Day 4 cycle)

Lexi has blood drawn and a vaginal smear to try to get a picture of where she is in her cycle.  The vaginal smear showed about 2% of the cells cornified.  That means that she is not near ovulation.  The blood work should confirm but will not come back until April 9.


April 5, 2005 (Day 1 of cycle)
Lexi comes into season.


April 1, 2005
Lexi gets a brucellosis test and it comes back negative on April 4.  Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that is well known by food animal producers. It is present in cattle, sheep, goats, dogs and humans as well as pigs.  Some of its causes are abortions, infertility and decreased milk yield.  A brucellosis test is used to detect if this bacteria is present.  Danny has also been tested and is negative as well.









Pictures of the Month:


  Nouli hasn't missed a beat -
          He can still jump!!  


   Lexi likes the pudding...


  I don't know WHERE Gunnar
  could have learned this skill?


              Katie either!



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