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Week 5


Pictures of the Month:


  Nouli hasn't missed a beat -
          He can still jump!!  


   Lexi likes the pudding...


  I don't know WHERE Gunnar
  could have learned this skill?


              Katie either!



Lexi-Danny Puppy Picture Gallery

(click on image to see larger image)


WEEK 5  (in descending chronological date order)

July 30, 2005

I want to thank my sister Deb for taking so many wonderful pictures during her visit - THANKS DEB!!
Puppies get new clothes!  White collar girl is now purple girl!
Stacking is quite the challenge, but they managed to stand still long enough to get a picture even if they aren't perfect!
The puppies are 5 weeks and 5 days old in these pictures.  They are in the order they were born:

July 28-29, 2005

Doing the Puppy Shuffle to and from the Arena!

July 27, 2005

Puppy's first photo session!  Thanks to Elise and Deb for helping to capture these pictures.
Stacks are their first try!  They did an amazing job on the table!  They are only 5 weeks old - photos are in the order they were born.
Red Man
Blue Man
Pink Girl
Yellow Girl
Green Girl
White Girl

July 22, 2005

The GREAT outdoors - our first outing!

Red man first in the outdoor arena!

WOW, look at all the space

Pinky on the go!

Green smelling the "roses"

White and pink checking out the scene

LOOK at that blue football!!

WEE look at me - I am almost flying - flaps are up!!

Here we come mom!


Blue man on the move..


Red man on the move...


Sister and brother share the favorite bird!

Yellow REALLY like the bird


Pinky on the move

Don't you give me that lip blue man!

Red man on the move again...

The grass feels so good!

Pinky striking a pose

Oh the cool grass on the tummy!

Go blue boy - get that toy!


Ah yes, the cool grass on the tummy!


Pinky striking yet another pose!
What a ham!

Oh we are so cute!

You can get down in it!

Hey whitey - cut that out!

After playtime is over...

it is so nice to come back inside...

and take a nice long nap!

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