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Pictures of the Month:


  Nouli hasn't missed a beat -
          He can still jump!!  


   Lexi likes the pudding...


  I don't know WHERE Gunnar
  could have learned this skill?


              Katie either!




Lexi-Danny Puppy Picture Gallery

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Links to each of the puppy's individual pages below (in birth order):

Dynata's Bound to Lead the Way
(Red Man)

Dynata's Bound for Viktory
(Blue Man)

Dynata's Bound to Know it All
(Pinky Girl)
Dynata's Bound to be Free
(Yellow Girl)
Dynata's Bound for the Stars
(Green Girl)

Dynata's Bound for Adventure
(Purple Girl)


Gallery is in descending chronological date order:

August 10 - 19, 2005

Dynata's Bound to be Free
"Nikki"  (Yellow Girl)
goes home with Michael,
Amanda, and Mindy (at work)

Dynata's Bound to Lead the Way
"Charlie" (Red Man)
goes home with Danny,
Melynda and Kenny

Dynata's Bound for Adventure
"Sadie" (Purple Girl)
goes home with Matt and Lindsay


Dynata's Bound for Viktory
"Viktor" (Blue Man)
goes home with Pat and Linda


Dynata's Bound for the Stars
"Star" (Green Girl)
goes home with Eric and Elise

Is that a puppy or a comet?


I can look so innocent....


OH, but I sure can fool you too!!


Our FAVORITE activity - running around the porch to the front!

Who says you can't stuff 6 puppys in a 200 size crate!!


The two girls keep each other company now that their sister's
and brother's have gone to
their new homes

Yup, just you and me...

More torture - we have to stand AGAIN - but this time we got the upper hand and made it
REALLY hard - we DIDN'T want to do it this time and it shows!!

Charlie (red) resisting...

Viktor (blue) sort of going along...

Maddy (pink) resisting...

Nikki (yellow) NOT wanting to
keep her feet still...

Sadie (purple) doing ok - kinda...


Star (green) going for it


UPS is our BEST friend!!

Maddy and Charlie hanging out

Sadie taking a good snooze

Did we mention we LOVE to run around on the deck!!


Star's turn to snooze on the
blue mat


We really do love the UPS man,
but we like Fed Ex and the
other's too!

Star turning on the "look" to get herself out of jail!

Viktor proving that he does indeed have tongue talent!

Star trying again for that get out of jail free card!

Maddy in for the snuggle!


Viktor looking his handsome self!


Three girls going for the big
tug of war!

Nikki a little out of focus but
looking like her sweet self

Star looking out while she is on
top of the world

Maddy - Who cares if my ear is flipped up.  Get over it!

Born free, as free as the wind blows....


OH, the shade!  The wonderful shade!  Who care if we stomp all
over the flower beds - the shade!

Hmmmm, history repeating
itself here!


Maddy looking like the canine
form of a mannequin - or
maybe a Barbie?

Nikki trying to get some company
in the tunnel


Charlie thinking about life..

We heard that Uncle Nouli really likes this agility thing - so we really thought we ought to give it a try!!



Hey, you know, maybe Uncle Nouli's got something here!!

This is really fun!!!

Viktor loves to hang out on the branch

Sadie working the profile shot


Born free, free as the wind blows...
A lot of playing!

Sadie cooling off in the

Star's nose catching the breeze


Thank goodness, more shade!  It is soooo hot!

Charlie striking a pose...


Sadie looking for a new adventure with the tractor - Maddy is her partner in crime..

Star cooling her belly looking cute!


August 10, 2005

Puppies stacked at 7 weeks - THANK YOU to Patricia Folz who helped evaluate the litter!
Thanks as well to Diane Shearer, Sheila Denzler and Penny Carson who helped with evaluations this past week!

Red Man

Blue Man

Pinky Girl

Yellow Girl

Green Girl

Purple Girl

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