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DOB: 06/20/05


Star was the green collar puppy.  Star has the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality.

On one hand she is bold and adventurous and on the other hand
she wants to be protected and held.  Hmmmm, sounds like a vizsla!!

Star now lives with her wonderful family:  Eric and Elise


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  Updated 01/28/07

In Elise's own words:

We are so excited to share that Star had a super weekend!  She competed in her first Advanced Rally event on Fri., 1/26 in Lynchburg, VA with the James River KC.  She qualified with a score of 92, and took fourth place out of 5 entrants.  Then today, Saturday 1/27, Star competed in Novice Obedience (she already has her CD title, so this was for ring experience and practice).  She qualified with a score of 190 and took 2nd place out of 8 entrants.  Then she competed in her second Advanced Rally event today, qualifying with a score of 96 and taking 2nd place out of 6 entrants.


  Dynata's Bound for the Stars CD RN!

Obedience Companion Dog...  First leg came very easy - then we took a break and finished very easy!



Elise and Star qualifying for their second leg and a 4th place - they also earned top Sporting Dog!


  Dynata's Bound for the Stars RN!

Rally Novice...  Elise and Star make it look
as easy as...

(at Nationals!)
Two... THREE!!
CONGRATULATIONS to Elise and Star for completing their Novice Rally title so quickly!  Three attempts, three qualifications and three placements (one 1st and two 2nds)!!!  WAY TO GO!!!!



In the morning, Star wins a 2nd place in the Sweepstakes 15 - 18 puppy bitch class.  She was competing with 13 other puppies in this class!!   Thank you to Diane Shearer who did a wonderful job showing Star!

Toward the end of the day, Star completes her FIRST leg of Rally with a 2nd place!  HURRAY Elise and Star!!

Honorable mention for Star's obedience try!  She did SO GREAT until 3 seconds left on the very last part of her test - the down stay.  Star just couldn't hold on with 3 seconds to go out of the 3 minutes!  BUT, Star did SUCH a good job otherwise she would have had a really nice score.  So GOOD TRY Star!!!

Nationals can be a LOT of fun - especially in the hotel room!
Some hamster fun!

Mom bought me a new sweater


Star wins her first MAJOR earning her another 4 POINTS!!  Thank you to Melissa Foehrkolb who handled Star beautifully for her first major!

The lighting in the picture is odd, but Star still looks beautiful!

Thank you also goes to Judge Everett Dean!


Star's FIRST leg of her CD obedience title!!  CONGRATS Star and Elise!!!


In addition to her first leg, Star earned a 3rd place finish with a 184 1/2 score!!

Elise and Star begin their obedience journey with a walk-through April 22, 2006.  With training already underway for a while, Star did very well!  Although there are a few rough edges that need to be smoothed, it will only be a matter of time! 


Stay tuned for the Star Team to continue on with obedience, CGC, and agility training!

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