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Pictures of the Month:


  Nouli hasn't missed a beat -
          He can still jump!!  


   Lexi likes the pudding...


  I don't know WHERE Gunnar
  could have learned this skill?


              Katie either!


"Lexi" - "Kannon" Litter

 born September 9, 2007 - 2 boys and 5 girls


"Lexi" - Ch. Cameo's Bound and Determined SH CD NA NAJ VC was

bred to "Kannon" - 4 x BISS Am/Int'l Ch. Pirok Kannon JH

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7 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

4 weeks old

3 weeks old

2 weeks old

1 week old


To view Lexi's Diary during her pregnancy, click here





4 X BISS Am/Int'l CH Pirok Kannon JH

CH Cameo's Bound and Determined SH CD NA NAJ VC

Show highlights:

  • Ranking in the Top Ten 2001/2002 All-Breed & Vizsla Defeated
  • 1st in Stud Dog at the 2006 Nationals
  • 2nd in Stud Dog at the 2004 Nationals
  • 4 Vizsla Club Best of Breed Specialty Wins

Kannon's Kids
Kannon is a proven stud dog producing several beautiful litters!

  • 2 sons are Best in Specialty winners and ranked in the Top Ten like their dad
  • 1 son is has a Best in Show and International championship
  • 1 son is a Eukaneuba Invitational Best of Breed recipient
  • 1 son is an Award of Merit winner and ranked in the Top Twenty
  • 14 Champions
  • 2 sons are Master Hunters
  • 3 Junior Hunters
  • Of the six kids who have had hip OFA's, 3 of them are excellent and 3 of them are good.
  • More to come!!

Field highlights:

  • Kannon earned his JH in 1999 and continued to show great promise for the field.  He was sent away for field training and had a bad experience with the trainer.  So Kannon was then sidelined for future titles.

Breeders:  Alessandra Folz & Paul & Linda Collins

Show highlights:
  • Lexi finished her show championship at 16 months old beginner-owner-handled in 4 majors including a 5 point Best of Breed win over Specials:
    • Winner's Bitch 6-9 puppy class major win at 6 months and a day old - 3 points
    • Winner's Bitch 6-9 puppy class major win - 3 points
    • Best of Breed/Best of Winners 5 point major over Specials - 5 points
    • Best of Winners major win - 4 points
    • Although the points don't count, Lexi placed Reserve Winner's bitch at 3 Vizsla Specialties
  • 9-12 month puppy class winner at the 2004 Nationals
  • As a Special, she has several Best of Breed wins.

Lexi's Kids:
Although still very young, Lexi's kids have done some wonderful things!

  • Daughter won the Bred-By Class at the 2006 Nationals and went on to win Reserve Winners Bitch
  • Daughter won a Specialty Best in Puppy Sweepstakes
  • Daughter won 2007 MVVC Award of Merit
  • 3 Champions
  • 2 sons and 2 daughters nearing their Championships, 2 of the younger puppies pointed, and many getting started
  • 4 Junior Hunters with 2 on the way
  • 1 daughter with 2 Senior Legs just shy of 2 years old
  • 1 son with a Senior Leg at 19 months old
  • 1 daughter with a NAVHDA NA Prize II 99
  • 1 daughter with a Rally Novice title
  • 1 daughter with a Rally Advanced title
  • 1 daughter with CD AND U-CD titles
  • 2 daughters with NAJ titles
  • More to come!!

Field highlights:

  • Lexi completed her Senior Hunter title in the fall of 2006 and plans are to start her Master Hunter in 2007.
  • Lexi has competed as a puppy in a few Field Trials and has placed in 4 events including a 2nd placement in the Open Derby.

Agility highlights:

  • Lexi cruised easily through her Novice Agility titles and is now competing in Open

Obedience highlights:

  • Lexi earned her CD which completed the requirements of her Versatile Championship awarded by the Vizsla Club of America (CH, SH or better, CD)


Kannon has the greatest personality!  This personality and temperament have been passed on to his children.  Kannon is a proven stud dog from many aspects.  Temperament being so important, Kannon's kids are just like him.  Wonderful to have as your best friend.  Conformationally, Kannon's kids have many accomplishments.  In the field, the same. 

Kannon does not have any known health problems.  He is now 10 years old and still playing like a 2 year old.  His children are also healthy.  Kannon's his are OFA good (VZ6232G24M-T), and does not have any known eye problems and has a DNA# V39689.

Kannon continues to wow us as an individual as well as a stud dog!


Lexi also has a wonderful temperament.  She was named Bound and Determined because of her enthusiasm that she exhibits with everything she does.  She is loving and adoring, and at the same time can work and hunt like a fiend.  She is my very special vizsla loved beyond words.  Her health is sound.  Her hips are OFA-Good (VZ-9018G24F-PI) and her elbows are normal (VZ-EL431F24).  Her eyes were CERF'd normal (VZ-580) and her DNA# is V323542.

Lexi will go along with whatever I ask her to do.  However, her fire is really lit when she hunts.  She has a stronger desire for the field than any of the other activities we do together.  We are currently training with hopes of getting her Master Hunter within the year.

Son Brick backing daddy

A couple of Kannon's kids:

BISS Am/BIS Intíl CH Pirok Tegla MH

Ch Pirok Kirbi MH

Ch Stonepointe Final Voyage JH NA UADN-2



Lexi backing daughter Maddy from afar


A couple of Lexi's kids:

Bred-by Ch Dynata's Bound to Know it All JH NAJ
NAVHDA NA Prize II (99)

Ch. Dynata's Bound to be Free JH






Picture pedigree for:
4 x BISS CH Pirok Kannon JH
I am trying to find the missing pictures. 
I will putting in the pictures to click on for a larger view asap.

Picture pedigree for:
CH Cameo's Bound and Determined SH NA NAJ

I am trying to find the missing pictures.  Click on a picture
for a larger view.

CH Szikra's Tukor Meowt

CH. Dirigo's Gambler's Marker

Dirigo Gamblers Sport'n Chance


CH Szizlin's Hold
Yer Fire

CH Dirigo Tailor-Made CDX JH MX AXJ NAP NJP

Dirigo Samui

CH Firebrand's Remeny Geronimo


Dirigo Maharesred

CH Dirigo Gambler's Windfall
CH Dorratz Foreign Exchange

CH Szizlin's Ain't She Mesmeriz'n JH ROM

DC AFC Riverbend Deacon's Dandy CD VC ROM

CH Dirigo Sprig O'Russet Leather

CH Heelmarks Aint She Command'n JH ROM

CH Pirok Mia JH

CH Szizlin Bzer CD JH

CH. Dirigo's Gambler's Marker



Legacy's Sunrise Serenade

Russet Leather


CH Russet Leather Son
of Sutiao

CH Heelmarks Aint She Command'n JH ROM

Russet Leather Red Feather CD

CH Doc's Elso Lany Mariah ROM

CH Doc Holiday

Legacy's Endless

CH Emerald Legacy's Prime Time SH ROM

CH Pirok Keramia

CH Sagi's Starburst Carina JH
























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