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Lexi's Diary for her breeding with Kannon


September 9, 2007 (BIRTHDAY!!)

Dear Diary, mom hates it when I start having babies in the middle of the night, but what is Mother Nature to do??


It all started around 11:15pm the night before when I lost my "plug" that holds the babies in from the world.  A little over 2 hours later, my red boy arrived.  Then my 5 GIRLS arrived!  Not to mention my black boy that was born on the way to the vet to get an x-ray to make sure he was in there!  He just didn't want to come out!  But the car ride must have suited him since he came out on the way! 


All-in-all an ok experience for me.  Nothing was too painful.  I LOVE MY BABIES!!!  Mom is going to take a picture of all of us together later.  I do feel kinda bad that I kept her up all night.  Oh well, a couple of sincere licks and hopefully she will forgive me!


Mom took pictures as they appeared.  Most of them have MILK LIPS and put their hands up as to say "please, not now, I am not ready for my close up!":


My mom wants to THANK her mom and friends for supporting her in the middle of the night while I was doing my thing!!!!

1:42am - Red boy - 13.7 ounces


2:25am - Pink Girl - 12.0 ounces

2:44am - Gold Girl - 10.6 ounces

3:55am - Green Girl - 12.2 ounces
4:15am - Blue Girl - 10.9 ounces

4:26am - Silver Girl - 14.3 ounces

7:16am - Black Boy - 14.5 ounces


Now we are all SNUGGED IN!!!







September 3, 2007 (Day 58)

Dear Diary, I feel so fat and tired!  I don't sleep well because the babies keep kicking, so I am tired all the time!  Mom makes me as comfortable as I can be for now.  I see that the whelp box and all of the birthing paraphernalia is up, so it won't be long now!




August 30, 2007 (Day 54)

Dear Diary, I went in for an x-ray today to see how many babies I have.  Well, the answer is - many!  The vet thinks 8 and I think mom agrees.  There have been other guesses between 7 and 9.  So, I guess we will know how many when they come out! 


They are hard to see since they are all so close together.  In another week or so we will know the answer for good!


In the meantime, I am posing for the best imitation of a blimp/watermelon/(ok just insert any image of a really large object).  I am very tired and sleep a bunch.  I just keep getting bigger and more uncomfortable.  Mom is spoiling me rotten, so at least I have that going for me.


See if you can count yourself (click each image to enlarge):





August 28, 2007 (Day 52)

Dear Diary, I am slowing down these days.  My paunch continues to grow.  Hard to believe that the puppies grow the most the last week.  So I have that to look forward to!  The babies are moving a lot these days.  Mom feels them when I lay down next to her and giggles.  Of course I CAN feel them.  They cause me to have to "adjust" my position a lot.  I am a little restless.  So, everything is ok.  I get to find out how many puppies I have on Thursday!!!  Until then...



August 18, 2007 (Day 42)

Dear Diary, my tuck is GONE.  No more strutting down the runway for me!  My girlish figure is gone.  I haven't started to plump up like a watermelon yet, but I think my days are numbered!  Less than 3 weeks to go!






August 12, 2007 (Day 36)

Dear Diary, I am starting to show!   I am almost 5 weeks pregnant now so I don't show much, but my pooch is starting to grow!  It is still so blasted hot outside that I am spending most of my time in the nice cool A/C helping to bake the buns in the oven!


My guess is that mom is going to start taking pictures of me soon!



August 3, 2007 (Day 27)

Dear Diary, BIG NEWS!!!  I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!  Mom took me in today instead of Monday and I got to see the little guys on this monitor next to me!!!  How cool is that!  We saw a bunch on them in there!!  I think they will be born around Sept 7 or 8.  I can't wait!!!!!  Daddy Kannon did a great job!!  Pictures below - I am so happy I am gushing....






July 29, 2007 (Day 23)

Reporting in again Diary.  Still not much to say.  I am feeling really tired these days.  I feel pregnant, but I will wait until the Ultrasound says so for sure.  In the meantime, I am spending lots of lap time with mom and am taking it easy in all of this heat.  Who's great idea was it for me to be pregnant in all of this heat anyway???  YUCK, a virtual sauna - no rain - so 100% dry heat sauna I tell you!

I hear we are going to be moving to our new house in Lovettsville this next week.  I am looking forward to that!!

July 25, 2007 (Day 19)

Dear Diary, I haven't written for a while because there really isn't much to say!  I think I am pregnant but mom is going to take me for an Ultrasound on August 6 to see for sure!  I am exhibiting all the signs of being pregnant, but I won't know for sure until I am turned upside down on a strange looking cushion and have cold yucky blue jelly put on my belly!  I can't wait to see!  All of this waiting around is getting on my nerves!!


July 10, 2007 (Day 4)

Lots of packing going on today!  BUT, after breakfast, mom let me play with Kannon again.  I have a feeling this is my last time this go round - very sad!  So we got together and tied again for 35 minutes before mom threw me in the car and off we went home!  Another 4 weeks and we will know for sure if I am pregnant!! 


Kannon's parents sure were nice!!  I want to thank them for bringing Kannon to me half way!  The thought of test tubes is just NOT a good thing!  I like the REAL DEAL!  So thank you VERY much Paul and Linda for letting me at Kannon.  I think he did a really great job - you would never know how old he was.  He is a youngster at heart!!  I think he will be a GREAT daddy!!!


July 9, 2007 (Day 3)

Mom dragged me to Ohio State today to get yet another pin prick.  I have a feeling this is the last time because even I could tell her - HEY, IT'S TIME!!  Test did confirm what mom had to see in ink.  So she let me at Kannon again!  Not much playing again - it is baby making time!  We tied for 33 minutes at 5pm.  Mom says we will go home tomorrow!


July 8, 2007 (Day 2)

Off to Ohio we went!  After some pizza it was party time!  I thought Kannon was VERY handsome and flirted with him.  It didn't take long though - he meant business.  So I only got to do my flirting moves for a short time.  We tied and tried to make babies for 30 minutes at 9pm.


July 7, 2007 (Day 1 ovulation - restart count to puppies!)

I think I ovulated today!  Either today or tomorrow, but either way, bring on the sperm- time to make PUPPIES!!


July 6, 2007 (Day 13 cycle)

Got yet another test.  I am getting ready now!  Test came back at 2.5!  We're on the road to Ohio early Sunday!  Kannon won't know what hit him when I see him!!!


July 3, 2007 (Day 10 cycle)

Got yet another test.  I am still not ready.  Test came back at 0.5. 


June 30, 2007 (Day 7 cycle)

Get to be a pin cushion again for a progesterone test.  Mom should know better than to test this early, BUT I have been known to throw some curve balls!  Not this time, progesterone reading 0.4.  Have a long way to go to 5.  Mom should have the car ready to go to Ohio early next week I think.  I have a feeling I am going to be getting pricked a few more times though!


June 26, 2007 (Day 3 of cycle)
I get to be a pin cushion for a test.  It is a brucellosis test and it came back negative.  Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that is well known by food animal producers. It is present in cattle, sheep, goats, dogs and humans as well as pigs.  Some of its causes are abortions, infertility and decreased milk yield.  A brucellosis test is used to detect if this bacteria is present.  Kannon has also been tested and is negative as well.


June 24, 2007 (Day 1 of cycle)
I came into season!  The fun begins! 








Pictures of the Month:


  Nouli hasn't missed a beat -
          He can still jump!!  


   Lexi likes the pudding...


  I don't know WHERE Gunnar
  could have learned this skill?


              Katie either!



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