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Week 1

Maddy's Diary


Maddy's Diary for her breeding with Cutter


December 25, 2012
Born first - boy - Mr. Greenie:

6:20am - 15 ounces 
Second born - boy - Mr. Blue:

7:00am - 17.3 ounces

Third born - GIRL! - Ms. Pinkie:

7:55am - 15.9 ounces
THREE PEAT!!!!  Looks like I am going to have 3 babies again!!!  YAY, I can't wait!!! 
The rest of my pregnancy was pretty easy!  I got tired towards the end, but I can't complain!  The picture below was around 7 weeks.  I am ready for babies!!!

My pregnancy went as expected.  I had an ultrasound done that confirmed my pregnancy!  HOOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not the best picture in the world, BUT who cares!  I am expecting!!!!
December 2012
Dear Diary,

Well, mom was a BIG SLACKER and didn't publish all of my posts with Cutter this time!!!

So, I have to make up for lost time and do the best I can with a summary:

I came into season on October 8, 2012.  Since I wanted to run in the CVC field trial over the weekend, I held off starting my season until Monday!

I was so excited to hear that we were going to head down to NC again so I could be with my man Cutter!  I am so proud of our first trio, I am so hopeful that we will have more amazing kids together!!  On Tuesday, Oct 23, we headed down to NC.  But, we had to wait until Wednesday morning until we had a chance to be together.  That was a PAINFUL night - who can sleep?  CUTTER, where are you??!!  Thankfully, morning finally arrived and we were able to get together.  We had a 15 minute tie, and I felt SO MUCH better!!!  But, I had to wait AGAIN until we were together again on Thursday night.  We had a 20 minute tie.  I know I am right in the perfect window for making babies!!!  We were headed home Friday morning.


Pictures of the Month:


  Nouli hasn't missed a beat -
          He can still jump!!  


   Lexi likes the pudding...


  I don't know WHERE Gunnar
  could have learned this skill?


              Katie either!



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