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Maddy's Diary


Maddy's Diary for her breeding with Erik

May 22, 2009


I REALLY surprised mom today :)  She thought I was having babies on Sunday or Monday.  HA!  Today was the day, I sure had her fooled!!  I decided that I would start with a sprint with labor.  Have 3 puppies in the first hour, 5 in an hour and a half!  But then I got a little tired, I'm afraid.  I needed an hour of rest - but then my last two were born twenty minutes apart!

I had 5 GIRLS and 2 boys.  What was that noise I kept hearing about expecting a lot of boys!  SHEEEEEEEESH!!!  I think mom is pretty happy - that is the exact count she was hoping for.  Your welcome, mom!  Erik and I had it planned out all along!!!


AHHHHHHHH!  Now I can rest.  Good night, Diary!  I am so pleased with my litter.  They are all wonderful.



First born son - royal blue
Born 8:02 - 13.9 oz

First born daughter - hot pink
Born 8:32 - 15.2 oz

Second born daughter - lavender
Born 8:53 - 12.6 oz

Third born daughter - lime green
Born 9:07 - 15.2 oz

4th born daughter - light blue
Born 9:32 - 12.2 oz

5th daughter - yellow
Born 10:29 - 12.0 oz

Last born baby boy - orange
10:49 - 1 pound!






May 17, 2009

Dear Diary, I am now 8 weeks preggo.  Mom took me to the vet this morning so I could see how many little bodies are kicking the living daylights out of my insides!  They are really moving around now!  I don't just feel them, I can see them moving from the outside of my body!!!!


Well, here is the x-ray!  If you click on it, it will get larger.  We think there are lucky number 7 in there!!  One more week and we will know for sure!  I can't wait!!!!! 




I am told that I am still BEAUTIFUL even though I look like a WHALE!!!







May 10, 2009

Dear Diary, I am 7 weeks pregnant now!!!  My waist and tuck are GONE!  But, my happy spirit and wagging tail NEVER waiver!!!  A small price to pay to have my babies!  I am sleeping all the time now.  My belly continues to grow.  I feel them starting to move around in there now.  Next couple of weeks are going to be tough on me, but I am up to the challenge :)




May 3, 2009

Dear Diary, I am 6 weeks pregnant and am starting to feel it just a little now.  I am sleeping more now.  I like to eat (don't need to be preggo for that!).  I think back to when I got back from bird camp - wow my body has changed!  Pregnancy is HARD on a girl!!!!


OH, when I used to be svelt and in perfect field condition!


Full frontal - I don't get ANY privacy - MOM!!

Still enjoying my pig's ears!!!



April 26, 2009

Dear Diary, I am not quite 5 weeks pregnant yet.  I am really tired these days.  I am sleeping a lot!  My tummy continues to expand as the babies grow!  Was outside a lot today.  It was REALLY hot.  The bugs are OUT OF CONTROL!  Mom caught me bug hunting...


Minding my own business... Along comes a bug...
It is almost on my nose, I can see it! I GOT IT!!!  But, did I really want it???  YUCK!




At the end of a LONG, HOT day!!  I am ready for
a long nap!!!  Good night Diary!


April 20, 2009

Dear Diary, only ONE thing to say...


I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The top picture is just too incredible to believe!  I love you too little one!!!


I am soooooooooooooooo happy!!!  I will write again soon!



Click on smaller pictures below for a larger look:




April 18, 2009

Dear Diary, it has been a while since I have checked in.  There isn't much to say right now.  My body seems to be "telling" me I'm pregnant.  My tuck-up is gone, my waist is thick, on and one.  BUT, I can't know for sure until I get my ultrasound on Monday.  Nature is very cruel sometimes - it has us thinking we're pregnant, and in a false instead!  I sure hope that isn't the case, diary.  I am SO looking forward to becoming a mom again.  Thankfully I only need to wait a couple more days to be sure - the waiting is BRUTAL! 


I go to sleep every night dreaming of having babies.  I will write again Monday - I HOPE there is good news!!!! 



March 25, 2009
Dear Diary, a VERY confusing time had by all!!!!  I went away to Field Trial camp in January to train for Field Trials.  Just when I was getting into the groove in mid March, I came into season.  My mom wasn't thinking about me being a mommy this time when I first went away, but she changed her mind.  She thought that I could have my babies during the summer, and get ready to train again for the fall season.  Works for me!  I LOVE BEING A MOMMY!!!

So, mom came to pick me up after I ran in my second Field Trial on March 14.  She was told that I  just came into season on that Saturday, so off I went home!  HURRAY to be home : )


Mom says that I usually ovulate around day 14, so there is a lot of time for me to relax before heading up to Massachusetts to meet my man Erik  To play it safe, mom took me in to get my progesterone tested the following Saturday - 7 days later.  She knew that I was only going to be .5 or so, but better to be safe than sorry!  The vet tech had us come in around 1pm since the second lab pick up of the day would be around 3pm.  We went at our leisure and I got my blood drawn.  The tech said that we missed the pick up for the day.  Aggravating, but hey, I wasn't any where near ready, so it was ok.  Mom took me in again Tuesday morning to get another blood test.  We still hadn't heard Saturday's result since the blood went out Monday.  Mom was really relaxed because we were getting ready to meet Erik towards the weekend.  These tests were really very preliminary.


I overheard mom asking the vet tech if she had the result from Saturday.  The tech disappears and comes back to talk to mom.  Mom's jaw hit the ground.  I haven't ever seen anything like it!!!!  She lets out a SCREAM saying "5.9, ARE YOU SURE???" 


Needless to say, I am now into my third day after I began ovulating, so my butt was rushed into the car home.  Mom ran around the house and we were in the car on our way up north within the hour.  I NEED SPERM NOW!!!  Hello??? 


We arrived up at Erik's place around 5pm that same day.  Erik was quite the gentleman.  He let me play with him for a few minutes, and then it was all business.  We had a tie for 20 minutes.  Thank goodness - there is still a chance!  Mom took me over again in the morning.  She thought that I wouldn't want to breed again since I am now into day 4 after ovulating, but I DID!  Another 20 minute tie.  Plenty of sperm in there now!  All I need are some fertile eggs in there and we are all set!!!!


Off we went in the car headed south back to Virginia!  I overheard mom talking to the doctor again in the car.  He told her that my progesterone reading on Tuesday before we headed up to see Erik was 12.1.  So, we are going to hope for the best - that is all we can do!  There is a reason to be hopeful with that reading, and the fact that I was still receptive to Erik : )


The  moral of the story - I came into season before anyone noticed while I was away at camp, and was further along than anyone really knew.  That is ok, I am just going to keep my paws crossed for the best! 


Now all we do is wait.  These few weeks are SO long.  The waiting is very hard!

Thank you to Erik and his mom.  They were GREAT!!!  We were a little crazed while we were up there!  Also, thank you to Aunt Sharon for having us stay with her!!












Pictures of the Month:


  Nouli hasn't missed a beat -
          He can still jump!!  


   Lexi likes the pudding...


  I don't know WHERE Gunnar
  could have learned this skill?


              Katie either!



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