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Maddy's Diary



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Maddy's Diary

Maddy's Diary for her breeding with Ruger

December 19, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my babies - all SIX of them!!!  Starting at 3am (when else?)!!!

I had a pre-labor period most of the day Tuesday (one of my "nesting" moments on the couch pictured above) and then went into hard labor around 2:30am.  I wasn't really sure what to do when the first puppy started coming out - should I push it out?  Mom could see her nose coming out and told me to PUSH!  So I PUSHED and out she came!  After that, it was easy peasy!  I didn't even get up for most of them.  I LOVE mommyhood!  It is the GREATEST having my own babies to nurse and take care of!!!  Now I am going to sleep since the sun is getting ready to come up  : )

THANK YOU AUNTIE GAIL for staying up with me ALL NIGHT and helping my mom!!!!  It was so nice to have you there!!


It's a girl, girl, boy, boy, boy, GIRL (I LOVE my mom so I gave her a 3rd girl - thanks Ruger)!!


Pink Girl born 3am - 13.8 oz

Green Girl born 3:40am - 15.9 oz

Red Boy born 4am - 12.9 oz

Blue Boy born 4:23am - 15.5 oz

Black Boy born 5:35am - 14 oz

Purple Girl born 6am - 15.8 oz
Yes, I AM a girl!!!
This is just the most AWESOME experience.  I have been so jealous of my mama Lexi wanting to be with her babies, and now I have babies of my OWN!

Time to rest - it has been a long night..  zzzzzzzzzz




December 17, 2007

Dear Diary, well it should be any time now!  Mom has all of this stuff out in the house telling me that is all for me!!  So this will probably be my last entry before motherhood.  So, mom took some pictures of me in my rather round condition.  Below that are pictures that have been in my diary showing me week-to-week.


My next post should be of my beautiful babies - HURRAY!!!



So who says you can't take a glamour shot when you are with child!

Then again  : )
It is the standing part that is harder!


My journey thus far:

Days away...

During 8 weeks

During 7 weeks

During 6 weeks

4 - 5 weeks

At the start



December 11, 2007
Dear Diary, I went to the doctor yesterday.  They hoisted me up onto this REALLY cold table and I just lied there while they moved me around on my side.  That's ok, I just thumped my tail HARD against the table.  It kept them all laughing!!!  The tech actually had to hold my tail when they took the x-ray - something about a blurry picture.  Try and make a happy girl anything other than a HAPPY girl! 

So I was put up there the first time and I overheard the tech saying something about me needing to go to the bathroom to get rid of some "interference."  So off I went with mom outside and found a great place to rid some of the "interference."  Back onto the table again - repeat performance including the tail thumping and laughter.  Then they let me down where I had wigglebuttitis!  They love me there telling me that they wish all of their vizslas were as happy and nice as I am.  That was a really nice thing to say about me  : )

So something about an x-ray.  I overheard mom say that this should help when it comes time to whelp.  It feels like I have a hundred of them in there playing drums on my organs!


The consensus is that I have 5 or 6 babies in there.  There are 5 that are easy to see, there is just a question of whether there is a number six that is playing hide and go seek.  So we will know next week for sure!  Here are my x-rays if anyone wants to guess.




In the meantime I am spending a lot of time resting.  I try to keep my discomfort to myself although when I finally lay down in a ball I just can't help letting out a loud groan.  I am just feeling a bit "large" these days and it is hard to get comfortable.  I have to pee a lot now too.  I can't believe that it is almost time.  I am getting very excited to be a mommy!!!



December 3, 2007
Dear Diary, more of the same.  About a week after last report, I am still just plugging along.  I continue to "shake and bake."  For those that don't know what my body does when I'm happy, let's just say "shake" is just the beginning!  My wiggle butt ways are still very much alive as I continue to "bake!"  Not much change is shape over last week, just a little rounder I guess.  I just HATE standing there like a science experiment getting my picture taken!!  Next time different spot PLEASE!!  Oh well, lots of naps and mom is spoiling me rotten.  So I continue to take advantage of it ALL!



November 27, 2007 (Day 38)

Dear Diary, not much to say in 6 days, but I am starting to grow!  I am not 6 weeks pregnant yet and my mama Lexi told me that I really won't be getting big until 7 and 8 weeks, but I am happy with my little pooch!  My waist and tuck up are GONE.  Now I am just a brown tube.  I am starting to get a little "rise" in the rear now too.  So much for my topline and rear!  But I am loving it!  I am still really tired these days and take lots of naps.  I am now over the hump (ok becoming a hump!) - more than half way there!  Mom is going to take me bird training again this week.  I won't be able to run or anything - just yard work, but at least I get to go - YEA!




November 21, 2007 (Day 32 diestrus)

Dear Diary, well I am in between weeks 4 and 5.  I have to say that I am feeling much more tired these days.  Lot of naps for me!  I am starting to grow a very small pooch.  I know that my boobies are getting bigger and my nipples are pink and HUGE!


So here I am in Nebraska when all of this started.  Aren't I svelt...


I have a nice tuck up, a nice slender tummy and a nice thin waist!!!






Ok, so I am not HUGE yet!  Here I am at 4 weeks.  My waist is getting to look like a tube and I just started to get a tiny little pooch.






Ok, here I am at almost 5 weeks.  Not a very nice picture of me to the left - oh well.  The good news is that mom took me bird training today - HURRAY!!!!


Life isn't so bad when you can still point birds and retrieve!!!  But mom is INSISTING that I can't move anymore and that is a big bummer.  My tail is not as high as it used to be because I don't want to do anything wrong.  I think after a little while of doing this I will feel better about the whole thing!  I do want to make her happy though!

But I am feeling more like a blob these days.  I hear from my mama Lexi that this isn't even the tip of the iceberg yet - so I have that to look forward to!


November 13, 2007 (Day 24 diestrus)

Dear Diary, not much happening these days!  I am feeling so tired though!  My boobies are a little swollen and my rear end is still swollen.  If I didn't know any better, I would think I am pregnant!


Mom took me to find out today - I AM!!!!!!!  HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cold jelly didn't bother me - NO!  I got to see a bunch of water balloons with teeny tiney babies!!!  I even got to see their heart beat!!!

So now I will just wait for them to grow!  I think mom said I should be due around December 17 - 19 or somewhere in there!  Holiday babies!!!




Now that I am in diestrus, the count will start from 1.  At around day 57 - 59, babies should be due if all goes well.


October 21, 2007 (Day 18 cycle)

Dear Diary, mom says that the smear today shows that I am in diestrus.  Good thing we know something about my cycle so we can determine when babies would be due if all goes well!


October 20, 2007 (Day 17 cycle)

Dear Diary, I showed today.  Mom says that I am ok, but I really don't feel like showing much.  I went through the motions and was glad it was over.  I WANT RUGER!


Thankfully, they all decide to give us one more time together since we will all be leaving Omaha very early in the morning.  So at 4:30, they let us be together again.  We were so glad to see each other!  We played, teased, jumped, ran, and then we tied again.  This time for 19 minutes.  We figured we would make it longer this time since we weren't going to see each other for a long time. 


Mom wants to thank Ruger's mom and dad for being so WONDERFUL to deal with!!!  They are just the nicest people on the planet.  Ruger is one lucky boy!!  I think I may have stolen a lick or too myself!!  Thank you Alan and Rene Blakemore!  We look forward to having you as part of our extended family!!


I overheard mom talking saying that I am my mother's daughter.  BUT, that I like breeding 120% more than my mama Lexi.  I do everything she does, but I stand and wait for it to be over.  Apparently my mama Lexi whines and complains until it is over.  NOT ME!  I enjoy the entire occasion!!


Virginia here we come!!!  Thank you to Diane Shearer for helping with the sometimes chaotic trip!  Ok, mostly chaotic trip!!


October 19, 2007 (Day 16)

Dear Diary, since we both show tomorrow, it is decided that we should breed early today so we can have some recuperating time before we need to show.  So at 9am, we head to our favorite room.  We now know what that room means - YAHOOOO!! 


So, we have another EXACT SAME performance.  Tease, chase, tie for 10 minutes.

Mom is watching my smears and I should be well on my way having eggs ready to be fertilized!  HURRAY!

I can say that I have been feeling a little different lately.  I am not 100% on my game.  I keep looking everywhere to see if I can spot Ruger.  I want to be with him all the time now.  I think he feels the same way.  Well, after this "show thing" we will get one more chance to be together.  That is all I care about for now.


October 17, 2007 (Day 14 cycle)

Dear Diary, Ruger's mom and dad (and Handler) are worried about Ruger showing on Saturday if he has to breed the same day.  Mom is worried about me too.  So we all decide to breed again today and then skip a day so we can breed again on Friday instead of Saturday.  OK WITH ME!!  So at just about the EXACT same time as last night, we had a repeat performance.  I LOVE the teasing!  I think Ruger does too!  We ran around again and then I got tired and let Ruger catch me.  We tied again for 10 minutes and then we went our separate ways and once again basked in the afterglow.  I REALLY LIKE THIS!  NO KIDDING!!!


October 16, 2007 (Day 13)

Dear Diary, the vet calls and tells my mom that my progesterone level is 3.9 and what a nice spike I had considering how low it was the day before.  My mom had some colorful comments knowing that the first test was wrong.

Ruger arrives!  My mom is SO happy.  He is a REALLY nice boy! 

So mom and Ruger's mom and dad agree to let the two of us meet and see if we are ready to do anything around 6pm.  I am not ready yet, really - but what the heck.  Let's see what happens.  So off to the hotel room that mom and Diane shared.  So it was me, Ruger, mom and Ruger's dad Alan.


My mom pokes fun at my mama Lexi for being a tramp since she really likes to tease, and she doesn't mind breeding at any time.  Whether it is the right time to make babies or not.  I overheard my mom saying that if I had 10% of my moms love for breeding, I would be ok.


Ruger is SO HANDSOME!  I really like him a lot!  I have SO MUCH FUN teasing Ruger.  Running him around the room.  Up and down the beds, around the luggage stand, in and out of the bathroom.  You name it - we covered every inch of that room!  Mom and Alan were trying to hide the smiles and laughs - but I saw them!  But then I started to get tired after a while.  Ruger is in good shape and was able to keep up with me.  So finally, I stopped and let him do his thing.  I was a real trooper and he is a true gentleman.  We tied for 10 minutes and then each of us went home to bask in the afterglow.


October 15, 2007 (Day 12 cycle)

Dear Diary, this is the day in my last season where I was getting ripe for breeding.  Mom is anxious to hear from the vet about the blood test yesterday.  The vet calls and says that my progesterone is 1.8.  Mom goes ballistic and says that there has to be a mistake.  Mom brought the microscope along for the trip and has been doing vaginal smears the entire time.  She knows what she sees on the slide.  The vet calls Antech who tells the vet that Maddy isn't ready and that it is common for progesterone levels to drop.  Mom basically calls the vet and Antech quacks and insists on another blood test.  Thankfully, Meg Farmer was set up next to us with a car (hurray!) and was able to drive us the short distance to the vet to get another test.  This was not a good day for mom.  She was really mad!


October 14, 2007 (Day 11 cycle)

Dear Diary, we arrive in Omaha!  So mom decides to find a clinic that could test my blood before we got to the hotel to set up.  So we stopped and my blood got tested.  It should be getting close now!


October 13, 2007 (Day 10 cycle)
Dear Diary, the RV is just about all packed up and ready to go!  Mom decides to take me in to get one last blood test before we leave - literally as soon as we get back from the vet.  The test shows 1.3.  So there is still time!


October 9, 2007 (Day 6 cycle)

Dear Diary, since I ovulate faster than my mom Lexi, my other mom decides to take me in to get my progesterone checked.  It came back at 0.8.  Thankfully we have a long way to go until breeding time - not to mention a lot of miles to Omaha!


October 5, 2007 (Day 2 cycle)

Dear Diary, mom seems to be ok with the news and is putting together an action plan for me to meet my "love connection" out in Nebraska.  Since my stud man is going to be at Nationals too, it works out pretty well.  I guess I will be about ready to breed to Ruger around the time of Nationals.  So, mom is actually sounding very excited about the news!  That makes me happy too!


October 4, 2007 (Day 1 of cycle)
Dear Diary, today I started my season.  I wonder how mom is going to feel about this with the upcoming trip to Nebraska for Nationals.  Let's see, there's me, mama Lexi, Nouli, my 7 five week old sisters and brothers, my other sister Daphne, my friend Paige and her daughter Bailey and the 2 humans - mom and Diane.  Hmmmmm...




Pictures of the Month:


  Nouli hasn't missed a beat -
          He can still jump!!  


   Lexi likes the pudding...


  I don't know WHERE Gunnar
  could have learned this skill?


              Katie either!




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