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Week 3


Pictures of the Month:


  Nouli hasn't missed a beat -
          He can still jump!!  


   Lexi likes the pudding...


  I don't know WHERE Gunnar
  could have learned this skill?


              Katie either!



Maddy-Ruger Puppy Picture Gallery

Week 3
Born 12/19/07

(click on image to see larger image)


WEEK 3  (in descending chronological date order)


January 14, 2008

LOTS of changes for the puppies today!
The puppies were bursting out of the whelp box, so now they are experiencing the
freedom of the penthouse!  LOTS of room to roam and play - YIPPEEE!!!  Pretty sure footed on the
linoleum.  A couple of slips and slides, but mostly upright!  No transition time needed - they immediately took to
their new environment playing with toys and each other!  Very impressive!!  They are also VERY
good at going to the bathroom on the paper!  It started in the whelp box - let's hope it continues for g'ma!!
First real meal for the gang today.  I have to say that these guys didn't make the usual mess
while trying to figure out what the food bowl was.  Sometimes they need to be "dived"
into the bowl.  But, these guys stepped up like "little dogs" and had a field day!  YUMMY!!
They are thoroughly enjoying their first day of freedom and solid food!
(Yes, I did manage to get a few face full pictures of food!!)
Maddy, you were an AWESOME mommy!  Time for you to catch up and rest - GOOD JOB!!

Mom, they are getting a little bit BIG for this - don't you think?!  HELP!!

FREEDOM - WOW this is BIG!


Blue boy - you are CUTE!


Come back Pinkie - I'll play!


Red boy getting ready to POUNCE!


Lavender girl takes her cue...
I'm coming!!!
  FIRST MEAL!!!!  

Hmmm, pretty civilized for first meal...

GOOD puppies!!

OH g'ma - I dipped my face a little too far!  YUCK - says pinkie!

How cool is this!  I have as MUCH
as I want!

Blue boy decides to dip himself - that way he doesn't have to go back to the bowl!

Lavender and red - GOOD puppies!




January 9, 2008

  Happy 3 Week Birthday!!  


January 6, 2008


Thank you Diane for holding the boys...

and the girls!!

I am putting my foot down this time!

Black trying to get in on the action

Blue on an expedition

Free for all!!

Free for all!


Hey, that is my tail!

Black and green go at it

Looking very handsome red man


Boy, you yawn and get a head full of puppy!


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