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Week 4


Pictures of the Month:


  Nouli hasn't missed a beat -
          He can still jump!!  


   Lexi likes the pudding...


  I don't know WHERE Gunnar
  could have learned this skill?


              Katie either!



Maddy-Ruger Puppy Picture Gallery

Week 3
Born 12/19/07

(click on image to see larger image)


WEEK 4  (in descending chronological date order)


January 21, 2008

Week 4 continues as the puppies continue to grow and interact more with the world!
Maddy has been a wonderful mommy.  She loves to bow and play with them.
Stacked pictures are just for training (in birth order).  They are too tiny now to be evaluated, but they
did a great job being stacked on the table for the first time!  I will be posting pictures very shortly
of the puppies on their first bird wing. 
All is well and thriving  : )
THANK YOU to my sister Deb who has been so helpful as my "puppy photographer!"


January 16, 2008



  Happy 4 Week Birthday!!  



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