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Maddy's Diary for her breeding with Rusty



August 12, 2008


Dear Diary, a very sad entry today.  I found out that the AI didn't work and that I am not going to have babies this time.  I am really really sad and I know that mom is too.  I did hear her say though that I am going to be able to go full swing back into field training so that I am ready for the fall.  So I wouldn't be able to do that if I were pregnant expecting puppies.  So the glass if half full.  I will look forward to having puppies next time.  Still a very sad day though...



August 6, 2008


Dear Diary, mom brought me back to the doctor today.  They turned me upside down in this V shaped foam thing and then squirted this COLD yucky stuff on my tummy.  WHY would mom take me NOW of all times?  It is a little early, don't you think mom?  Well, I was right.  Couldn't really definitively see anything yet.  So now we repeat the entire procedure on Tuesday.  What a waste of time mom!!!!


July 18, 2008

Dear Diary, so I heard the "Fed Ex" phrase again and sure enough I was back at the doctor's office this past Monday.  So here I am standing in the middle of an exam room with mom holding onto the front of me like a big hug.  Oh mom, that is SO nice!  I love you too!  But wait!  The lady with the white coat is back again!  OH NO!  Not the rod again!!!  So there is another lady standing off to the side.  I think she is there for back up in case I move or something.  Here I am with mom on one end and the lady with the rod on the other end.  What is a girl to do but just deal.  I love to wag my tail.  Anyone who has met me knows that.  So why NOT now!  Things could be a lot worse after all!  Now the lady with the white coat is getting swacked in the head pretty hard back and forth.  HA - what a riot!   This is kinda fun!!  I guess she couldn't see what she was doing because she asked the lady off to the side to come and hold my tail.  Party pooper!!!  It was fun while it lasted!  A few minutes later we were all done and mom got us out of there.


Now both of the deeds are done.  I really hope it worked!  The only thing I love more than the field is being a mommy.  Now the waiting begins.  I think I get taken to the doctor in a few weeks for an ultrasound to see if the lady with the white coat got it right.  I sure hope so.  It is the least she can do given the fact that she wasn't the DOG!


Ok, signing off for now Diary.  I will write again soon.



July 13, 2008

Dear Diary, SO MUCH has happened already!  Mom is being a little sllllllow getting information up on the web site!  So where do I start?? 


Well, I came into season on June 27.  Happy Birthday to me AND mom!  My first progesterone was taken on day 9 just to be sure.  Yup, not even close yet at 0.8, as to be expected.   So I got to relax for 3 days and got tested again and I was getting closer at 2.6 but still not there yet! 


But since I was getting close, I heard mom call this nice lady named Bev in California.  She co-owns a really nice boy named Rusty out of her very accomplished dog Bismark and a pretty girl named Jazzmine.  He lives nearby with a wonderful family.  After mom spent countless hours on the computer and watching video, she decided on Rusty for me this time.  Something about having a healthy pedigree (including goods and excellents in the hip category), wonderful temperament, beautiful and clean movement, nice bone and substance, beautiful balance, nice angulation - on and on and on.  She thinks he will be a good match for me.  I never met him, so WHO KNOWS! 

What I DO know is that I didn't get to go for a ride to a "no-tel, motel" to meet my man NOR did he show up on my doorstep.  All I know is that I keep hearing something about Fed-Ex.  Hmmmm - that can't be good.  Sure enough, I end up at the vet with this metal rod up my private part and some person in a white coat saying that it was all done.  WAIT JUST A MINUTE!  This is a travesty!  Don't I have a say in the matter?  I want a recount!!!  Mom owes me BIG for this one.  Who ever heard of making babies without your man there - SHEEEEEESH!! And from what I can tell, they are going to do it again tomorrow!  OH this is just not fair.  BUT, on the bright side, I LOVE having babies so in the end I am one happy girl!! 

So, that is pretty much it for now.  I have been bred once and will go again tomorrow (once again I protest that the DOG isn't here!).  I am really excited to have babies again.  I love being a mommy.  I hope all this hocus pocus stuff works and I get pregnant!!!  Chilled semen - transcerival - it is a brave new world out there.  Just give me the dog - I will tell him what to do!






Pictures of the Month:


  Nouli hasn't missed a beat -
          He can still jump!!  


   Lexi likes the pudding...


  I don't know WHERE Gunnar
  could have learned this skill?


              Katie either!




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