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DC AFC Dynata's Bound To Be Shooting For It All


 DOB: 10/12/11
AKC DNA Profile #:  V323542
OFA Hips:  VZ-13379E26F-VPI  (EXCELLENT)
Eye CERF:  VZ-EYE50/19F-VPI  (Normal)
OFA Cardiac:  VZ-CA405/19F/C-VPI  (Normal)
OFA Thyroid:  VZ-TH1356/65F-PI (Normal)

CHIC#:  120335

For information regarding these tests, look at the
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Hailey is my Maddy (GCH DC AFC Dynata's Bound To Know It All MH NAJ ROM) daughter out of DC AFC BIR Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter ROM - Cutter.  To see information on them both, check out their Breeding Page from 2011

After being involved with field trialing many years ago, I decided to breed Maddy to Cutter to try to boost Maddy's incredible desire for the field; while keeping her beautiful conformation.  One never knows what one gets when one "plans," right?   This time, the planning was right on - I am extremely luck and proud....

After entering only 8 field trials, Hailey earned all of her puppy and derby points on both the open and amateur sides.  Those 8 trial placements were enough for her to be ranked #11 in the National Puppy/Derby Standings.  She had tough competition at the time, but Hailey ran like a gun dog from the moment she started.  Mature, beyond her years (actually months), she was now done with juvie stakes - there was no need to continue chasing birds.  Time to grow up and compete in gun dog stakes!

Now benched from field trials and needing a little time to grow up, it was time to enter Hailey in a few dog shows.  Well, that didn't take long either.  She finished her show championship from the bred-by class with 3 majors (including the CVC Supported Entry), Hailey earned her championship before 20 months old with very limited showing.  And, she was also almost half way to her Grand Championship without even trying.

Fast forward to January of 2016, Hailey is now a broke gun dog and loves retrieving!  She ran in a few field trials in the Spring of 2015 and when she got around clean, she was rewarded with a ribbon.  Both ribbons were in major stakes.  We ran at the Vizsla Club of America's National Field Trial in Oct of 2015 in Wyoming.  She ran beautifully in the hay fields, but then the turned up onto the ridges.  With cactus being plentiful, she eventually had to stop.  She had countless needles in her pads and up all 4 of her legs.  The experience was wonderful and gave a glimpse of how bright her future is going to be!

As of June 2017, Hailey is both a DC and AFC.  She is currently nationally ranked as the Vizsla Club of America's #1 Amateur Gun Dog.  She is also ranked #13 on the Open Gun Dog side.   She is also half way towards her Grand Field Champion and Grand Show Champion titles.  She has matured into a consistent gun dog. 

As of February 2018, Hailey is the Vizsla Club of America's National Amateur Gun Dog of the Year!!!  She also finished #5 nationally as an Open Gun Dog.  I couldn't be any more proud!!!

The feedback about Hailey from experienced field trialer's (that have worked with her or observed her) is that she has a big running game, is very intelligent in her pattern, and she has a lot of desire and drive.  Her pattern is exciting to watch, always forward hunting and making big bold moves on her own.  Limb finds are common.  It is exciting to find her standing where no other dogs have been.  When she does need handling, she is very biddable.  While she runs big, she never runs to hear wind blow through her ears.  She shows a tremendous amount of potential and her future is bright!!!

She is now taking a little time out to become a mom for the third time, to see her Litters Page, click here!

Her puppies are doing well.  While Hailey was ranked #1 during 2017, so was her daughter Trudy #1 in national puppy/derby points - as was daughter Gigi #4 at the same time.  Her second litter is still very young, but also showing great promise.  Her daughter Shelby has already won 2 Hunter's Trials before 6 months old beating long tails!

Below are pictures that document Hailey's journey - pictures are from current day back to when she was a puppy:

Hailey is now a polished gun dog and is retreiving!!!  Many more pictrues to come - I need to update this section!

In training for the next step - POLISHED GUN DOG!
Never easy, but Hailey's breaking process is going well.  Slow, but steady.  Can't wait for her to be able to have her freedom back - I bet she does too!

In the show ring (about 20 months old):
Ok, time to get serious - let the competition begin!  Puppy and Derby stakes (about 12-16 months):

Summer time is the best for hunting tweeties!  Hailey NEVER got bored!!!
Hailey's first opportunities to retrieve.  The second picture to the right - the bird is down right in front of her...
Hailey proves she hunts both feather and fur!  Her first house find was in the basement.  Nothing like a mouse in a snap trap to get the hunting juices flowing! 
Quite the social butterfly, Hailey owned Tractor Supply for her first shopping exposure.
Besides her future in the field, it was hard to ignore that she also had beautiful conformation (not to mention a pretty face)

Beautiful style and intensity - her future looked bright from the beginning!  
From the time she was weeks old, Hailey took to the field with a passion...  it is hard to see her here, but this was the first time that I let Hailey go in a field.  She was barely 3 months old.  She took off with a vengence - no fear, just go Go GO!



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