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CH Cameo's Bound and Determined



2007 Vizsla Club of America #1 Top Producing Vizsla Dam
2008 Vizsla Club of America Top Producing Vizsla Dam
2010 Vizsla Club of America Top Producing Vizsla Dam


DOB: 01/16/03
AKC DNA Profile #:  V323542
OFA Hips:  VZ-9018G24F-PI (Good)
OFA Elbows:  VZ-EL431F24-PI (Normal)
CERF:  VZ-580 (Normal)
OFA Thyroid (MSU):  VZ-TH145/36F-PI (Normal)
CHIC#:  30185

For information regarding these tests, look at the "Resources" page
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  Lexi's All Star Review Bio (updated May 2013)

Lexi is my first dog that I finished myself in the show ring – there are many show photos to prove it!  With 4 majors combined, she finished her Championship before 18 months old.  She was (and still is) a great teacher!  At the 2012 Nationals in Ohio, Lexi and I returned to the show ring for the first time since she finished her Championship.  She was amazing!  Placing 3rd in very large classes of both Veteran and Veteran Sweeps, she was having the time of her life!   As a brood bitch, she is a 3x Top Producer, including #1 Top Producer in 2007, and earned her ROM at 5 years old.  In addition to placing 3rd in Veteran and Veteran Sweepstakes at the 2012 Nationals, Lexi placed 4th in a Brood Bitch class of 30!  Once again, she was amazing!  We are very proud of her kids - 14 Grand Champion and Champions, 3 each Master/Senior/Junior Hunters, as well as kids that have excelled in Obedience, Rally and Agility with Novice to Excellent/Master titles.   We are so excited to continue cheering them all on!

Being owner trained and handled in all that we have done together, Lexi trained me in the show ring, the field, obedience and agility.  She has always come through in the clutch.  The word “amazing” cannot be used enough when describing her.   Lexi thoroughly relishes her role as Queen Mum and matriarch of her Queendome.  With a personality that is all her own, Lexi is truly one of a kind.  I absolutely adore and appreciate her for the incredible uniqueness that is Lexi.


(following Album pages and Lexi's historical summary all under construction!  Need to update EVERYTHING!)
  Lexi's Show Album   Lexi's Field Album   Lexi's Candids   Lexi's Agility Album   Lexi's Pedigree  

When trying to come up with a registered name for Lexi, all I had to do was observe her behavior from the day she was born.  Nothing ever deterred her.  She was ever so curious and bold as brass.  She had a 'tude' that wouldn't quit.  She would be the perfect puppy for me.  As time went by it only became more obvious.

As my first vizsla girl I didn't know what to expect.  Lexi was, and still is, a handful.  Independence is her middle name.  She is so very smart and clever.  She keeps me on my toes!  At the same time when she decides that it is time to be a snuggle bunny - no one does it better.  The concept of unconditional love is very true and very strong.  She gives me ALL. 

I started Lexi off in the show ring early.  I decided that if she were going to be shown, I had better learn how to handle a show dog.  I had never shown a dog before, so Lexi would be my first.  Off to dog shows we went.  Our second dog show was in York PA and I found out it was a "major."  That would be ok because we really needed the practice - I was NO handler!  Thank goodness, Lexi is a natural and I just have to go along for the ride.  With my good friend Diane Shearer outside the ring yelling at me "YOU WON!" (as I wandered around the ring still attempting to put her feet on the ground for a perfect stack).  I realized that Lexi, at 6 months old and 4 days old, went Winner's Bitch and won her first major.  What a pleasant surprise for us.  I lacked the confidence - but Lexi didn't.  Then, at 8 1/2 months she won her second major and a Group 2 Puppy Best of Breed.  In the meantime, Lexi collected quite a few (8 to be exact) "Reserve Winner's Bitch" ribbons - including 3 Vizsla Specialties.  Lexi enjoyed being the bridesmaid as she continued to grow up - she was still a puppy after all!

When it was off to show in the 2004 Vizsla Nationals in North Carolina.  Lexi would be entered in the 9 to 12 month puppy class.  Never being to a "National's" before I felt too intimidated to show Lexi myself, so I hired Phoebe Booth to handle Lexi for me.  Lexi never looked better under Phoebe's artful handling and Lexi won her class beating about 19 other bitches from around the country.  

We then went on to do some field work.  Lexi has had an awesome nose for birds since the day I brought her home.  She loves hunting more than just about anything else we do together.  She earned her Junior Hunter and Senior Hunter titles with ease.  And, since she loved the field so much we entered a few field trials as to see how she would do - Open Puppy, Open and Amateur Derby.  She earned 4 placements including a second place in Open Derby.   

Lexi's show career continued and she finished her Championship winning back-to-back majors July 4th weekend.  One of those wins was a 5 point major Best of Breed win over Specials.  It was a fabulous July 4th weekend indeed!!  We continued to show selectively as a Special collecting many Best of Breed wins.

Lexi also trainined in agility.  Miss Independence is one driven agility dog when she feels like it - when she feels like it.  As she is maturing she is becoming much more focused and driven to defy A-frames and jumps.  Each earned both of her Novice Agility titles without even trying!  

Update May 2013: Lexi completed her Master Hunter title as the calendar turned past her 9th birthday.  After taking a 6 year hiatus being a mama and a grand-mama, we trained for about a month, and it was clear that she was in heaven being back in the field.  What did we have to lose by running in Master?   After all she had given over the years, it was the least I could for her!  Well, she picked up right where she left off so many years ago - rock solid broke with very nice manners.  She earned her Master title in less than 2 months!  She looks at me as if to say “what’s the big deal?”  



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