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 My Dogs  

I have five wonderful dogs that currently live with me.  Click on their name to go to their individual pages to learn more (I am still working on creating Hailey and Kelsey's pages!):

CH Starr-Point's Nouli JH OA AXJ

My first vizsla!  Such a wonderful dog that he founded my love for the breed.  Nouli (also known as "His Nouliness") to no one's surprise has become QUITE the agility dog.  He soared over jumps and obstacles!  He is also hilarious.  It is hard to ever have a bad day when Nouli is waiting for you when you get home. 

My sweet and precious boy, the tenderest of souls.
CH Cameo's Bound and Determined MH CD NA NAJ VC ROM

Lexi is my first bitch and has established herself as the queen of the roost.   She is a wonderful mother and will hunt until she drops.  She has produced nicely as a mom.  She has been on the Vizsla Club of America's Top Producing Dam List 3 times, #1 in 2007, 2008 and 2010.  As of Dec 2012, she has AKC titled kids: 2 GCH, 13 CH, 3 MH, 3 SH, 2 CD, 1 RN, 1 RA, 1 RE, 1 NA, 2 NAJ, 1 OA, 1 AXJ and 1 NF.  And 2 NAVHDA NA titled kids. Her daugher Maddy and grandaughter Katie have National Show Specialty accolades in 2006, 2009, and 2012

She is amazing - anything I asked her to do, she did with a wag!  She has definitely made a mark on me forever.  Her personality, one of a kind
GCH Dynata's Bound To Know It All MH NA NAJ NAII AOM ROM

Maddy is my first puppy of my own breeding.  She is the sparkle of my eye, hard to know where to begin when writing her short bio.  Her joy for life is undeniable.  She has a drive that comes from deep within.  She is accomplished in the field, in the show ring, and as a mom.  She had National acclaim twice by winning the bred-by class and then went Reserve Winners Bitch at the VCA National Specialty in 2006, then was chosen as Select Bitch at the National Specialty in 2012.  Maddy has also been a Top Producing Dam in 2009 and 2011.  As of Dec 2012, she has AKC titled kids in show and field (US and Canada): 2 GCH, 7 CH, 1 MH, 2 SH, 3 JH, 1 FDJ and a NAVHDA NA Prize I perfect score - as well as many other kids earning titles in agility, coursing and obedience.  Many kids continue on their way to titles!

Like her mother, Maddy has been amazing at anything I have ased her to do.  She always answers with a full wiggle-butt YES.  Maddy touches my heart in a VERY special place. 
CH Dynata's Bound To Be Shooting For It All

Hailey is Maddy's daughter out of DC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter - Cutter.  After being involved with field trialing many years ago, I decided to breed Maddy to Cutter to try to boost Maddy's incredible desire in the field, while keeping her beautiful conformation.  One never knows what one gets when one "plans," right?

WOW!!!  Hailey is AMAZING!  Before 17 months old, she already had all of her Field Trial Puppy and Derby points in both Open and Amateur.  Only being entered in 8 trials, she was ranked in the Vizsla Club of America's Top 20 Puppy/Derby Standings.  In addition, she had already earned one show major at 8 months old.  At just over 20 months old, she finished her show Championship with style at the Conestoga Vizsla Club Supported Entry with her 3rd major (all she needed was a single point)!  I am very lucky to have this wonderful girl in my life!  She has the BEST temperament.  She has incredible drive and beautiful conformation.  The future is so bright for my incredible girl!
Dynata's Bound To Spark A Fire

I said I would never do it - repeat a breeding!  Well, there is always the exception!  So pleased with Maddy and Cutter's first litter, I repeated the breeding and kept the only girl - AGAIN! 

Kelsey will not exist in a shadow behind her sister Hailey.  She has a strong attitude that will make sure of that!  So young yet, Kelsey surely does has a spark that is undeniable.  She has a phenominal temperament and I can't wait to watch her grow up!

I will put together a background for her soon!


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