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CH Starr-Point's Nouli



DOB:  10/02/99
DNA Profile: V258778OFA
Good: VZ-7854G36M-PI




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Nouli is my very first vizsla.  He is my very special boy.  I had a yellow lab at home and was looking for a companion for her.  A very special friend of mine had a vizsla and suggested that I look into the breed, knowing my personality.  When I started to research vizslas I knew that their temperament and level of activity would be a wonderful fit for me.  I have always loved active dogs and wanted another companion to come with me for more fun adventures.  I wasn't sure if I was going to go the show route or pursue other activities but I knew that I wanted a vizsla and when I saw Nouli in the litter, I knew he would be the perfect fit!

Nouli came home and fit right in.  I first enjoyed him as a cute and playful puppy and member of the family.  I soon discovered that he liked the field and went and discovered what Hunt Tests were all about.  At first I felt like all thumbs (not to mention being nervous not to do it wrong!) trying to orchestrate all the elements of being out on a brace of Junior Hunter working with my dog.  We figured it out quickly and Nouli passed his four legs of Junior and we discovered the joy of working together in the field.

Somewhere in the midst of it all, I received an offer from Nouli's breeder that she would show Nouli for me and I thought that might be a lot of fun - so why not!  I knew at the time that I wasn't ready for the show ring and I enjoyed Nouli being shown from ring side!  So with Jeanne and Linda Snyder's handling skills, Nouli finished his championship.

In 2003, we decided to see what agility was about.  So, now I had to figure out how to handle in agility because Nouli was definitely going to enjoy agility for a while!  Fortunately, Nouli was a natural because I had only been able to give him training once a week, and he progressed quite nicely!  Finally at the end of 2004 I made up a small agility set-up for practice in my back yard.  We polished up a few things and Nouli was ready to "fly" through competition.  In March of 2006, Nouli earned his OA and OAJ!  He made it look easy!!  We continued on competing in excellent and he earned his AXJ without a blink!  He has been known to have a rocket up his behind!

Nouli has the most kind and gentle spirit.  Sometimes he makes me laugh so hard because he has quite the "clown" in him.  His expressions are priceless.  He would give all of his being to please which makes him wonderful to live with and train.  He loves unconditionally and I love him right back.  He is my very special, gentle, and loving boy.

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