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Westminster, MD - December 8 and 9, 2007
Video professionally taken by Ariel Agility - watch Nouli go!!

Excellent Jumpers Run 12-09-07
"Rocket-Man" Q'S!!!
Nouli's first leg of his Master Jumper's title!!
Only NINE more to go!!

Excellent Standard Run 12-09-07
NQ - Did I mention that Nouli couldn't see
the buried weavepoles!!

Excellent Jumpers Run 12-08-07
NQ - Mom, don't CALL ME if you
want me to jump!
Mom pulls Nouli off of a jump due to
POOR handling!
 Excellent Standard Run 12-08-07
NQ due to the blasted buried weavepoles!
Nouli hasn't ever seen them buried before!  Who knew?








August 17, 2006


Nouli is STILL ranked the #1 vizsla in the US

for 2006 in the Open Agility Class!!!  He actually picks up some
distance!  GO NOULI!!!!!  Since Nouli has his Open titles, this

won't last forever, but we will enjoy it while we can!!!


Click on the standings below to see the entire page...






July 2, 2006


Nouli is ranked the #1 vizsla in the US
in the Open Agility Class!!!  GO NOULI!!!!!


Click on the standings below to see the entire page...




March 31, 2006 - Winchester VA


Nouli only had one shot at finishing his OA title in Winchester since we could only enter one day.
Nouli not feeling the pressure does a magnificent job in a new facility and earns his OA Title!!!
Onto Excellent A we go!



January 14-15, 2006 - Hampton VA


Success in Hampton VA!  Nouli qualifies 3 times earning his OAJ title and another leg towards his OA. 
His runs earned him two 1st place finishes and a second place finish as well. 

He once again "Blue Double Q'd" on Sunday which means that he qualified in both

Standard AND Jumpers with 1st place blue ribbons.  One more leg to go for his OA!

A picture of Nouli with all of his loot he picked up from the weekend!
I didn't have enough hands to hold his toys that he won and personally picked out of the bin!


Saturday Jumpers - Nouli broke his sit and after quickly evaluating the situation I let him go.  We missed the second jump as a result and had a fault.  The rest of the run was perfect!  The Dalmatian beat us with a perfect score and faster time. 

But it didn't matter because with that qualification Nouli earns his Open Agility Jumpers TITLE!!!!
Sunday Standard - We went to the beach after the trail on Saturday and Nouli must have sprinted 20 miles.  It was like he couldn't control himself on the sand and went wild!  He also went for a swim several times.  When I brought him to the line for his run he wouldn't sit down.  No matter how hard I tried!  I let him stand and off we went!  He finished with a perfect score and a quick time.  GO NOULI!  I think he would have been even faster if he didn't have the beach hangover and I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't sit - that was a first!  More to come on that...
Sunday Jumpers - This run was just for fun.  Nouli earned his title already but there wasn't an Excellent class offered to bump him into so we figured we would just run for fun.  Nouli was looking sluggish and depressed for the day and I just couldn't figure out what was with him - the beach hangover maybe?  When I got him out of the car for his second run - there was the answer right in front of my eyes - the swim at the beach and the LIMP TAIL!  Limp tail happens on occasion when a dog is exposed to cold and moisture.  There is a reaction that occurs in the tail that does not allow them to lift it at all.  It lasts a couple of days.  Nouli's expression is all about the tail - he always tells me how he is feeling!  No tail - no communication!  So that is the reason he looked so sad and why he wouldn't sit at the beginning of his Standard run - he sat down on something - his own tail (he couldn't move it out of the way! - and kept popping up!  Poor Nouli!  BUT, he rose above it and qualified on his last run even though I think he was really tired.  His time was not fast, but he Q'd anyway - the only dog in his class to Q, so it earned him another 1st place!  What a dog!!


We want to thank Eric and Elise (Star's parent's) for their wonderful hospitality!
They opened their home to all 4 of us for the weekend which we truly appreciated
and they also brought us luck in the agility ring!!










among vizslas in his class!!


Results are through August of 2005.  Nouli has accumulated more points since then including four 1st placements and 2 second placements.  Click on the standings and look for the red stars!







November 19 and 20, 2005 - Nouli in Woodbridge, VA 
It's 2 Q's!!!


Nouli had a really GREAT weekend!!  He added TWO Q's to his agility belt!!

● The first Q was in Open Jumpers with Weaves where he qualified with another PERFECT SCORE, 6
seconds under time (again!) and another 1st place ribbon!!!!!  We need one more Q for his OAJ title.

● The second Q came on Sunday where he scored a 95 (missed the first entrance to the weave poles) with a blistering speed 11 SECONDS under time (even with the faux pas into the weave poles) and a 2nd place ribbon!!!  That is Nouli's first leg for his OA title, two more to go!
What an outstanding weekend for "His Nouliness"!!!!!!!

Thank you to my guests Shawn and Keiter on Saturday and
Viktor's parents Patrick and Linda on Sunday!!


Open Jumpers with Weaves Qualification and 1st Place Finish - 6 seconds under time!  2nd leg under Noulis' belt!
Go Nouli!!


Nouli is not getting much more confident in the weave poles!!


Nouli's great score!


Nouli's three ribbons - Green - qualification, Blue - 1st place, Multi-color - perfect score!

Open Standard Qualification and 2nd Place Finish - 11 seconds under time!  1st leg under Noulis' belt!
Go Nouli - again!!

Nouli coming over the panel jump
with his ears guiding his direction!

Nouli over the panel again in typcial style - front paws crossed and HIGH over the jump!

UGH - another table. 


Coming down the teeter - carefully.
No bailing off Nouli!

Nouli's great score!

Nouli's two ribbons - Green - qualification, Red - 2nd place.  No perfect score, we had a minor glitch
in the weave poles!

Very proud mama and Nouli
sharing a moment after a very
successful weekend!



November 12 and 13, 2005 - Nouli in Leesburg, VA 

Click on an image to make it larger...

Nouli did GREAT this weekend coming close to a Q every run.  The arch enemy - weavepoles - unfortunately won out and we didn't Q.  Nouli was flawless otherwise and did a spectacular job!


Nouli jumping forward as I rear
cross planning for the next jump
which he executes perfectly!

Nouli LOVES to jump and stretches
out with NOULI ears!


Nouli getting ready to jump a
pinwheel which he jumps with
NO problem!

OH, the dreaded weavepoles! 

There are just so many of them...

I want to go JUMP!

Almost done - thank goodness
I can go have some fun now!

Tunnels are so much more fun!
Speed is the name of the game!

YEAH a chute!  MORE SPEED!!!


WHY OH WHY are tables in agility?  SPEED is the name of the game
and it just isn't fair to have to sit here!!  LET ME GO!!!!



October 28 - 30, 2005 - Nouli in Harrisburg, PA

It's a Q!!

Click on an image to make it larger...

Nouli pulled out all the stops for his glorious run October 30, 2005.  He ran flawless in the 24" Open
Jumpers with Weaves class and finished 6 seconds under time earning him his first leg towards
an OAJ title.  This time also earned him a blue ribbon 1st place in his height class (not to mention
being the fastest dog in the entire class!) .  I am SO PROUD of my Nouli!!!!

Photo by Mark Land - MarkLand Photography

Nouli jumping during his
qualifying run!  GO NOULI!

Nouli earning first place with
a perfect score AND fastest time!

Nouli and I with his ribbons
celebrating the moment!
Photo by Mark Land - LandMarc Photography

The crowd looks on in eager

Photo by Mark Land - LandMarc Photography

I am focused...
Photo by Mark Land - LandMarc Photography

Still focused...
 Photos by Karen Hocker Photgraphy

Nouli wondering "Were am I?"
after coming out of the chute!
 Photos by Karen Hocker Photgraphy

Nouli coming up the dog walk -
"Look mom, no paws!"
 Photos by Karen Hocker Photgraphy

How do you really feel about
having to be on the table Nouli?
We can't tell!
Photo by Mark Land - LandMarc Photography

Mom, get out of my way!
Photo by Mark Land - LandMarc Photography

Looking confident on the dog walk!
Photo by Mark Land - LandMarc Photography

Not looking like the Nouls in
this picture - but it's him



September 17, 18 2005 - Nouli in Rectortown, VA
Some new pictures of the flying Nouli!

Click on the image to make larger!



Nouli in Woodbridge, VA

Nouli cleaning up this weekend with 3 Q's (AND 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places) earning him his NA and NAJ titles!


Nouli in Harrisburg, PA


Action shots from Harrisburg!!  Keep in mind that Nouli is jumping at the 24" height, so when you see him over the double bar you are seeing the distance OVER two feet!!  The picture to the right shows him flying over the broad jump.  As always, Nouil's ears are most definitely helping his flight time!!



Harrisburg - Nouli earns a BLUE DOUBLE Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Double Q - What does this mean?

Blue = First Place in his height level

Double Q = Qualified run in morning Jumpers and afternoon Standard courses the same day

Both runs were perfect scores as well!!  WAY TO GO NOULI!!  Nouli IS the gumby dog!!



Nouli in Woodbridge, VA at his first trial


Nouli at his FIRST agility trial in his glory jumping over a double jump on course.  His ears helped him glide while airborn!!

Nouli on his way up to the jump..

Nouli with his green qualifying ribbon and 3rd place ribbon at his first agility trial!
Nouli is ALWAYS sporting quite the ear style!  Way to go Nouli!!!

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