Dynata Vizslas


"Dee-Na-TA" Vizslas






CH Starr-Point's Nouli JH OA AXJ


Me and my dad!!  What a
proud moment fo me!!


I love to make her crack up!!  This
time I decided to act like her cat
on critter watch

I love grandma's CATS!  I sit on patrol
and just wait for the cat door to
magically open!

I am a handsome devil when I
allow my ears to be upright!

AHHHH, a nice snooze on my
favorite chair while mom works

Having fun at a Texas lake on
our way down to the 2005

NO stick is too big for me
to retrieve!!

When I go after a stick I leave
a wake behind me!

Nope, NO stick is too big

Mom caught me with my ears
up again.  A rare sight!

WOO HOOOO - riding the
waves at Acateague!!

Why does that brat Lexi have
to bother me?!

Riding in another wave!!

Would you just leave me alone

Grandma Diane helps to try to get
a couple of nice pictures of me..

But I really like the cheese!

YUM - cheese.  I don't care
about the stinkin' camera!

The wind took my one ear off!

Sometimes I am just cute - period.

OK kid, if you aren't going to
leave me alone, then I am not going
to leave YOU alone!

You are annoying...

But you're ok.

I am helping to build our house in VA

The guy with the big maching made
a HUGE pile of dirt for me
to climb on..


Looking handsome circa 2002

Mom, what did you bring home?  It
is a little monster - but you call
 it Lexi!

Oh I'm SO innocent.  Never do
anything wrong - Nope not me...


I should have known agility was
in my future at an early age.  I am about a year old now.

BIG snow storm!  Picture speak for themselves!  I just LOVE this dog!





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